Adventures in Boxland and Ninja Mommies

After anxiously awaiting, the kitty litter box arrived today in a shipment of two very large boxes.

Watching my kids empty the contents of the box with little interest of what was in them, only eager to begin playing with the new giant box toy.

 It made me remember the magic of childhood and laugh along with them as they fought over the two boxes while I tried to put together the litter box.

But the thing is, Petco made a wonderful mistake. They charged us for one, but sent us 2, which means a box for each of the big kids. I called the company and arranged with them for me to return the extra litter box at the store for the sole purpose of keeping that extra box.  They did offer to send shipping things for me to send it back to them, but my kids had their hearts set on keeping their new playground.

Funny enough, the kitty loved it, too.  I put it together and she climbed in, made herself comfortable, and sat.

Beth tried to climb in to join her, but I am so happy that she is too big to climb in. 

Besides, Tai Li kept swatting at Beth every time she poked her head into the kitty's new special place. I only hope she figures out that it is for relieving herself rather than sleeping in.

And during the battle of the booda litter box wherein Tai Li had to put up a tough front to defend her bathroom, 

I could hear Keith and Faye exploring new moons and planets in their new rocket ship. They flew over volcanoes, shouting and laughing and narrowly escaping danger so often it would make a Victorian penny dreadful jealous. When the "rocket ship" lifted off, Keith held one box over them and they both shook tragically a la the early years of cheap sci-fi films. It was so funny to watch!

Bed time was, of course, the end of the world for them. That is until I found another use for the box.

It can be used in bribery!

I told them if they got ready for bed quickly, they could sleep in the boxes on Friday night. Records were broken tonight by my children. The Union for Children and Unrealistic Expectations are angry and will begin picketing our house soon, but the fact of the matter is they don't have boxes, and if they did, they would all just go home and be so happy and not care if little Timmy always brushes his teeth when he is told, and never leaves the toilet seat up, or kindly shares with his sister. They wont have to monitor. They will be having too much fun playing in their very own boxes.

To a child, yes, boxes are that wonderful.

Faye has become a ninja with her box. She does her training inside and then creeps around the house spying on people. If you see her, she will say "aw, man! pretended you don't see me. I wanted to be a ninja!" Somehow the topic of mothers came up and I asked Faye about the ninja moms.

"Psh, Mom, ninja's don't have mothers. Have you ever seen a ninja with a mommy?" She scathingly retorted while disappearing behind my closet door.

"Well now, Faye, I haven't ever seen a ninja mom, but that is because they are the best ninjas in the world. Who do you think teaches ninjas? Their moms. Moms are the best at everything!"

I love that she still takes my word as the gospel truth. For how much longer, though, I don't know.


Susan Anderson said…
Pretty neat little kitty house!

And yes, my siblings and I used to love playing with boxes too. We created entire universes!


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