2014 RE Week 3, July-September

Between trying to help my sweet hubby finish his semester, trying to finish up with Christmas and taking care of sweet sick children, I am so grateful for this wonderful Review Extravaganza as it gives me an excuse to blog amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Anyway, looking back through this year has been simply wonderful.

July was a very interesting month full of so many ups and downs. It began with me walking past Faye's room to find her frowning as she poked and pulled at her belly in a very unhappy manner. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she was so sad that she would never be like Rapunzel because she would never be that skinny. What?! She was 4 years old! I couldn't believe that my sweet little girl would ever think anything like that, especially at such a young age. We had a long talk about how she was perfect, just the way she is. Later in the month Faye and I had a lovely day of playing beauty parlor. She is so sweet, and I love moments like that. But one of the best parts of that month was when Jeffrey bought me my gorgeous ivory and ebony. A cabinet piano, all my own that I have delighted in playing nearly every single day, while Keith gets to take piano lessons. He hates it, but I know one day he will be grateful, just like I was. To offset the joy of my piano was the night I was folding laundry in my room while everyone else in the house had gone to bed, and I heard someone try to come in through the back door. Terrifying! We have been leaving lots of lights on all night since that happened! Finally, there was Beth's first birthday. My family was in town, and we went up into the mountains to celebrate. It was so therapeutic to my soul.

August was a much calmer month. Well, aside from all the mischief Faye gets into. But what can you do? She just has so much energy and is rather exhausting, sometimes. But really, she is trouble with a capital T when she is not supervised. She and her little friend found the training potty in the shed and, well, you can guess what she and her friend did outside! And then the glorious first day of school came up. Keith had a hard time with the fact that he would be going to school all day and didn't sleep much that night. But when he got home, he was a very happy camper. He had loved his first day, as I knew he would, and all was well in the universe again.

September was simply beautiful. Jeffrey's best friend married a girl that we just adore. Seriously, she is fabulous and I am so happy to have another girl in our group of friends. And the wedding! Jeffrey was the best man, I was a bridesmaid and Faye was the sweetest little flower girl you ever did see! I missed Keith terribly while he was at school, so I wrote a little While You Were Out memo to him to fill him in on our activities while he was going to school all day. Finally, the month went out with a huge bang as the kids let us sleep in one morning, only for us to awaken to find ice cream smeared into the basement carpet. A whole carton. Everywhere! It was a disaster and very hard to get out. I guess that will teach us to sleep in again!

What a wonderful way for us all to remember the wonderful moments of the year with this recap. Don't forget to link up so you can be entered to win fabulous prizes! Even if you haven't linked up yet, there is still time! Go here for the rules and a list of all the wonderful prizes.


P!nky said…
Awww, that story about Faye broke my heart. The pressure girls face, even at a young age is so sad. Tell her I think she's beautiful!

Stopping by from the linkkup!
Susan Anderson said…
I am always so impressed with all of you who have the fortitude to participate in the review. Although mine would have been a lot easier this year since I post far less frequently!

Merry Christmas, Amy!

Emmy said…
Oh i remember that break in post, or attempted break in, so scary! I think I would leave lights on too after that. It is sad that Faye was thinking that, the princesses really are not built true to life at all.

Thanks for hosting with me :)
Nicole said…
You know, your first sentiment is truly what it's all about... a reason to blog :).

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