October is Over and Bladder Control

While sitting in church today, someone mentioned that it is November, the month of giving thanks.  I remember being startled by this news, and for the rest of the day it snowballed around in my head.

October was spectacular.

As always.

Keith had his very first friend birthday party.  It was Pokemon themed, and it was a lot of fun.  I was very happy that we could do it at the park.  He had a lot of fun and is already making plans for his party next year.

My birthday came and went and it was business as usual.  I just had so many things I had to take care of that couldn't be done on any other day, but the whole day I walked around with a spring in my step. Even if it is just a regular day, birthdays are always exciting and special. Even though nothing out of the ordinary really happened, it was beautiful and wonderful.  Every time someone smiled at me, or a stranger passing by gave me the nod in greeting, or said 'hi,' I smiled a secret smile, because I knew they had no idea that it was my birthday, but somehow, their greeting seemed to be extra special for my birthday.  I don't know if any of that makes sense as I can't really get my thoughts out into actual words, but it was a wonderful and very busy day. 

And we went to the park as a family.  

Keith followed a goose around and I found it absolutely hilarious.  I don't think the goose was amused, though. 

Beth was in heaven standing in the midst of a gaggle of geese and brace of ducks.  The sky was amazingly blue, the air was crisp and cool, and that amazing October wind was blowing the scent of harvesting crops and changing leaves all around is.  

It felt like it was a moment out of a story book, made just for me.

Halloween was spectacular dazzling.

The air was an unusual 73* and we were all able to wear our costumes without coats.  Yay!  That is a rarity in Utah.  The girls were bumblebees and Keith was Darth Vader.  I went as Weird Al.  

We did the grandma circut and the older kids began to get excited in anticipation.  When we got home the white chicken chili I had cooking in the crockpot was ready so we sat down and ate that.  Then we got the finishing touches on our costumes and headed out to trick or treat with our good friends in their neighborhood.

Norman Rockwell would have been proud.  The streets were lined with little monsters and princesses and tired smiling parents.  The energy exuding from the little ones was dizzying and contagious.  As we walked the streets, bumping into their neighbors, they would always stop and chat for a few minutes.  At the doors there was a lot of chatting.  A lot of good neighborly catching up went on.  The sky was cotton candy pink and I desperately tried to get a picture that would do it justice, but my camera just isn't good enough.  As we went down the rows of houses, we came to one that had picnic tables set up in the driveway.  The family was making scones and had made pitchers of root beer.  So yum!  I was so impressed by that.  People just don't do things like that anymore.

We finished our scones and I was told it was a good thing we got there early as every year the street was lined with cars of people who were not trick or treating, who just stopped by for the scones and root beer.

We got the rest of the houses on that street, and then we turned into a cul de sac.

I think I want to move there.  Or somehow convince my neighbors that we need to copy them.

They had set up a sort of grave yard in the street.  You walked the path through it and at each bend one of the home owners in the cul de sac stood, costumed up, and gave out candy.  When we got to the end, they gave us a bag of popcorn, movie style, and a cup of hot cocoa.  Seriously, these people know how to Halloween the right way!

And we continued on through the neighborhood.

It was so much fun and I was so impressed with all the good old fashioned fun that went on there. Some of the houses had spooky things out.  Motion detector things, or projectors with scary movies playing on their houses.  The very best one had a strobe light, and just because he felt like it, the 10 year old boy who lived there and his friend were crawling around in a creepy fashion on the ground scaring people.

Beth was my favorite part of the night, though.  At first she sat in the stroller, clinging tightly to her bucket.  As we progressed through the streets, I could see the wheels working in her head, and the moment she figured Halloween out was epic.  I stopped the stroller in front of the next house, helped her out, and she was off like a shot.  She ran to the house and pushed her way to the front of the group of our kids.  She held her bucket out patiently and expectantly.  When she was given a treat, she would quietly say "thank you," and then hold out her hand for more.  Or her friend Katie (who is a few months older than her) would get a treat from the people at the door, turn and put it in Beth's bucket, and then turn around and ask for more.  The people would give her more, because they saw her put it in Beth's bucket, and she would do it again.  She once got 4 extra pieces of candy from a kind lady because she was sneaky and sweet like that.  Those girls are a riot!

Towards the end, the kids got tired.  I had to laugh.  

My friend and I were talking to the people at the door, I turned around, and saw all of the kids laying on the grass, looking completely passed out.  It was great.

And then Halloween was over.

October is over.

In thinking about that statement and what the lady at church said today, I began to think of the many things I am grateful for.  I decided that this month, I am going to take things that would usually drive me crazy or upset me, and find a way to be thankful for it.

Today, I am thankful for a husband who is so good to play with my kids.  I am thankful for laughter in my home, even if the combination of Jeffrey tickling Keith results in a loss of bladder control all over my couch.  I am also grateful for the amazing power of cleaners and elbow grease.

I am also grateful for the great joy I have in decorating my house. It was a lot of fun to take down Halloween decor while arranging and putting up Thanksgiving decor.  I am excited to be able to finish that tomorrow.  Because a decorated house is a happy house.


Anonymous said…
Such a fun night:) The kids look great in their costumes!

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