Faye, Faye Emma, Faylicious, Faye-rella

My dearest darlingest Faye,

You are simply a delight in my life. I always aspired to be a mom, and you make me so happy with that decision. I am the luckiest mom in the world. 


That is how you tell people your birthday if they ask.  It gets all smooshed together like it is one word. And yesterday it didn't matter if they asked or not, you told everyone you met. Your other favorite thing to say was "I'm five years old!" This was always said with a gigantic smile and an excited hop. Because somehow you think being five will change your world. 

I hope it does.

You requested we make personal pizzas for dinner.

And pink marble cake with play dough ice cream. Grandparents came over for donuts because that is what you wanted to eat with them and then you celebrated like it was 1999 with pizza, soda, and pink marble cake.

I cannot get over how old you look now. It doesn't make sense that one night could work such magic, but here you are, reading over my shoulder as I type this, looking like such a big girl. You love to be a Little Mommy. I told you that when I was little that is what my mom called me, and ever since you have loved and asked for that title. And you really are. You are so nurturing and such a great help when you want to be. 

And you never turn off.

No, never.

Not ever.

The blurry pictures my camera gets of you really depict your every day. It isn't that the camera made you blurry, you are just a living constant blur of movement. I am always worn out by the end of the day by your antics. You love color and so I constantly find your walls "colored in." Painting is your favorite past time. And you ask anyone and everyone you can find to tell you stories about things when they were kids. "Tell me about a time when you got in trouble." "Tell me a story of what you and your brother would do when you were little." "Tell me about what you asked for for Christmas." You are my little historian and I can't wait until you learn how to read and write and then you can record our family history.

You love all things old fashioned. You love antique stores as much as I do and you want to do things the old fashioned way, which I simply adore about you. I have never met a little girl so in love with antiques like you are. Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream are your favorite thing in the mornings. With hot chocolate and marshmallows, of course.

You tell the same jokes over and over, and yet they always make you laugh, every time. Your laugh is very infectious and I can't help but laugh when you do. Pranking people makes you delirious with joy. You hide in the coat closet every day when Grandma and Mimi come by, just so you can jump out at Grandma when she opens the door to hang up Mimi's coat. When she nearly has a heart attack because you really did scare her, you feel like your day is complete.

Faye, dear, you are a complete goof-ball. You love to take goofy pictures, or put on funny outfits and demand I take a picture of you. I love when you do this as it gives me lots of great photos. It is rare I get a normal face from you as you are always spreading cheese like an Italian.

You are an optimist. Your brother is a pessimist and whenever he begins complaining about everything under the sun, you always take the opposite side and praise the very things he just complained about. You and Keith are still very close friends, and love to play together and make messes together. You look forward to your Friday night sleepovers with Keith where you both watch a movie after dinner and then sleep on the futon together. Not much sleep happens on Friday nights.

Whenever you are missing in the house, I am sure to find you outside. First priority if there is snow is to go outside.

That is your favorite place in the world, and rightly so. I love that you are out in the snow before breakfast, and if there is a puddle big enough to make any kind of splash at all, you will be found jumping like a little grasshopper until there is no water left to splash. You delight in all of my favorite rituals; the first snow walk of the year, leaf crunching walks, ice crunching walks, dancing in the rain, and twirling with the wind. You relish the lightning and thunder as much as I do, and cold snowy afternoons with a blanket, fire, and book make you so so happy, too.

You are so happy and optimistic all the time, sometimes I don't know what to do with you. When you do something extremely naughty and need to be disciplined, you just don't care! Groundings, or losing privileges, or losing toys, or getting hot sauce or even toothpaste in your mouth don't phase you. When you cut your hair in the spring, I was more devastated than you were with the impending short hair cut. Even though you desperately wanted to be Rapunzel, you kept reminding me and your father that "it's okay because hair grows back."

When you grow up, you tell me you are going to be a world famous singer and travel all around the world, singing for people, like a rock star. You tell me that I can come to your concerts for free, and you will sing to me anytime I want you to. You tell me that when you grow up you are never going to move out, though, because you will miss me, so when you get married and have babies, you will still live with me so that I don't have to miss you. So thoughtful of you!

Most of all, though, you are my best friend, and I am yours. You are planning a trip to Austrailia when you grow up and you fluctuate between having me come with you or me stay home and you write me beautiful letters full of fancy grown up words about Australia. You want me to come because you say you will miss me too much if you go without me, but I think you want to go alone because already you are craving independence. I am really hoping we can always have a relationship like we do now. You are the clingy little girl I always prayed for and I love you so much!

Happy birthday my little fairy princess!



*** This entry was written November 20th, I just haven't had a chance to add the pictures and hit post until today. ***


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