Who You Gonna Call?

If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood
who ya gonna call?
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Last week Jeffrey and I went out with our friends who we lovingly refer to as "the Nerds." 

Although we do a lot of nerdy things with them (and enjoy it!), sometimes they branch out and want to do something completely awesome!

Because it is the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, it is playing on the big screen right now* which of course meant that we had to go.  Because, Ghostbusters!  Big screen!

It was pure awesomeness.

Jeffrey and I got there early.  I am really enjoying this whole telling him the wrong time and arriving places on time.  It is wonderful.  Although I am not going to tell him that is what I am doing.  And he hasn't put two and two together yet.  I know he will not be happy when he does.  Until then, though, I will enjoy being early for things.  

I digress.  We arrived there early, met up with the Nerds, and then we all filed into the theater.

Which was empty.


Which gave us license to comment and discourse through the whole thing.  Most of our friends have the movie memorized, so they had a lot of fun quoting.  And there were so many little details that we all had missed when watching it on a smaller screen.  It was so much fun!

Felina and I were the only ones who dressed for the occasion.  We were both wearing Ghostbuster t-shirts.  We felt awesome.

I wish a 30th anniversary of other epic films would be put back up on the big screen, because that was incredible!

Gosh, I love my nerdy friends.

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I ain't afraid o' no ghost!

*In select theaters across the country.


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