While You Were Outt

Message for: Keith

Message from: Mom, Faye and Beth

Date: 5 September, 2014                          Time: All morning                                            



I know you have to go to school each day.  It is just how it is.  Some mornings are easy and some are hard.  Today was a hard morning for you.  You said you don't like missing things at home.  In an effort to help you feel like you aren't missing things, this is what we did this morning:

  • Beth enjoyed smearing her oatmeal all over her high chair tray and in her hair.  I am convinced she is practicing to be a beautician when she grows up.
  • After I got Beth cleaned up she went down for a nap and Faye did her computer school time.
  • (See, things are boring around these parts without you.  Nothing for you to worry about missing.)
  • When Beth woke up, Faye and I cleaned her room because Faye had dumped out every toy box therein.
  • Daddy had the day off and was working on his homework all morning, and since the rest of the upstairs was clean, the girls and I decided to make some cookies.
  • Faye was a wonderful helper mixing the ingredients and shaping the cookies into balls and dropping them on the cookie sheet.  

  • She did eat an awful lot of dough, though.  She may have licked one or two of the cookies, too, but she will never tell which ones.  
  • We played for a while in the living room, Faye pushing Beth around on her cart until Beth was sobbing for mercy.  You know how fast Faye goes.  I would be a little frightened, too!

  • Beth pointed to body parts and demanded we tell her what they were.  Over and over and over.

  • When she pointed to her belly-button (her favorite body part, as you well know) for the umpteenth time, we turned it into a tickling game.  Beth squealed with delight, and Faye grinned and laughed, I think because she wasn't being told to leave the baby alone, for once.
  • We sat down for lunch.  Left over stew and grilled cheese.  While the kids ate, I tended the baking cookies, getting them ready for when you got home from school.  I had it all planned out, you would walk in the door, drop your bag, sit at the counter, eat cookies and tell me how your day went.
  • That is not how it happened. You got home, dumped your things by the front door, followed the intoxicating smell of the cookies into the kitchen, stuffed your pockets with as many as you could, and ran off to play in your room. 
  • We will try the cookie/talking tactic again another time. 
In a nutshell, that is all that happened today.  No playdough, no painting, no bubbles, and no carnival like you think happens every day when you are not here.  All of that stuff is for next week.  When you are going full day and we have more time.  That is when all the fun will happen!                           

I love you,



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