Wedding Day

Last weekend our dear friends Gary and Felina were married.  They had asked us to be a part of the wedding party.  Jeffrey was the Best Man, as well he should be, having been best friends with Gary since they were very little.  Faye was the adorable Flower Girl, and I was a Bridesmaid.  We feel so honored to have been able to participate in their special day!

Friday morning was a very busy morning.  We had a lot of errands to run.  I still hadn't gotten my dress ready and I had just a few hours before the wedding began.  Once Jeffrey got home from work I rushed off to the store, searching for a shirt.  After going to 3 different stores, I finally settled on something.  I wasn't thrilled about it, but didn't have much other choice.  When I got home, though, that is when the fun began.

I walked in the door, and Keith was moping.  Jeffrey was ready to go, but Keith was wearing his "lounge clothes" (pajamas).  Apparently, he had told Jeffrey that he didn't have to go to the wedding because he didn't have a part in it.  He was very good at convincing Jeffrey, who truly thought I had told Keith he didn't have to go.  He should have known I would never have said that!

After a mad dash to get everyone ready, we rushed out the door, and made it just in time for the pictures.

The poor groom was so nervous that Jeffrey was going to be late!  They had made sure to tell Jeffrey everything began half an hour earlier than it actually started, just to make sure he wasn't late.  Good thing, too, as we very nearly were!

But then, the magical evening began.

Felina was breathtaking! Gary was dashing.  They were both so giddy, it was adorable.

I have to say, the Groom's room was so much better than the Bride's!  The Groom's room was equipped with a huge screen TV and an Xbox, complete with games.  The Bride's room was beautiful with large comfy couches and large mirrors, and honestly was lovely, but a bit boring.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to spend a lot of time in either room as I was in charge of keeping the children from tearing the place to bits.  A full time job!

Finally, it was time.

Faye was the perfect little Flower Girl.  She practiced and practiced before the wedding, and when it was her turn to walk down the isle, she slowly raised the petals up, with her hand touching her forehead, she let go of the flowers.  It was very funny!

The ceremony was beautiful.  When Gary and Felina were introduced as man and wife, they retreated down the isle to the Ghostbuster's theme song, so like them!

And then the food!

And then the dancing!

Felina actually broke something in her elbow from dancing at her wedding.  What a great story she will have to tell!  Happily it isn't too bad and will heal on its own.

I tell you, it was an incredibly lovely and exhausting weekend.

Aside from that, primary has been consuming my life.  I feel like I don't post here often, because everything in my life right now is Primary.  This blog is supposed to be for my kids, and about all the wonderful things they do.  I don't want to take up valuable space with my musings on primary. Hopefully one day very soon I can find a balance.


Lisa said…
Yay for Gary! Congrats to the both of them!
Susan Anderson said…
I love a good wedding. Can't believe she broke her elbow dancing, though. Glad it wasn't serious.


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