Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Purple Haze

Just because.  She's cute.
I know I have mentioned before that I get sick when I don't get enough sleep.
Yesterday morning I woke up incredibly sick due to lack of sleep.  I was not able to function or really do anything.  I had to call Jeffrey to come home from work so he could watch the kids so I could sleep so I could get well.  Because really, if it gets to that point, I cannot cope. It is a quirk of mine that I really wish I didn't have, but what can you do?

Determined to not have another day like that today, I decided to take some melatonin before I went to sleep last night as I had a big day ahead of me today.  In the past when I have tried melatonin, I would always toss and turn, and I would awake with a ridiculous migraine.  Every time.  And so, to try to combat the headache that I knew would inevitably come, I took 2 melatonin.

That is when I learned another new quirk about me.

Melatonin has the complete opposite effect on me.  Even though I was very tired, I tossed and turned all night, wide awake.  Until 2 am.

Never again will I take melatonin.  Unless I want to stay awake, that is.  Then I am all over it!

Keith has been having a very hard time at school, though I am not sure why.  I emailed his teacher and mentioned some of my worries. He told me he didn't have any friends, and quite frankly, was terrified of going to school for a full day.  His teacher is brilliant!  She emailed me back and told me that she had asked Keith to be a special friend to a little boy in his class, as he didn't have any friends and needed someone to sit by him at lunch and to play with him at recess.  She told the boy the same thing.  When Keith got home from school on Friday, he was thrilled.  He told me he had made his first friend in first grade and recess was so much more fun now that he had someone to play with. That confession honestly made me a little sad, but happy at the same time.  He is such a tender hearted and sensitive boy.  I really hope he never changes, but I do hope things get a bit easier for him.  

Yesterday, we were talking, and he told me the reason he was having such a hard time is that he hadn't yet had a father's blessing. Last night, after FHE, Jeffrey gave Keith and Faye a father's blessing.  It was so sweet, the confidence and faith that Keith has.  His day today was so much better, he said!  

I do love having a girl day while Keith is at school.  Faye and Beth play so nicely together.  Well, Faye loves to play with Beth, but Beth does not like to be man-handled so much.  

Quite frankly, though, I seem to be seeing things through a very sleepy haze.  Curse you, melatonin!  


*Jess* said...

I would try a different formulation of melatonin. You are definitely not supposed to react that way. I wonder if an inactive ingredient is affecting you?

Lisa said...

Yay for progress with Keith! :)

Susan Anderson said...

I'm glad Keith has a sensitive teacher to help him navigate a bit of social awkwardness. Having a friend will encourage him to make more. Sometimes it's hard for "advanced" children to relate to the others at first, but he will figure it out.

As for melatonin, my doctor said that it should be taken as the sun is going down, not at bedtime. I never knew that!