Melted Ice Cream Carpet VS Independence

Last night my sister in law and her family came by to visit.  Like the wonderful and thoughtful people they are, the came bearing gifts.

Rootbeer floats, to be exact.

Because everybody likes floats.

And so Jeffrey and our brother in law tucked themselves into the man cave for some man time.  The kids ran around outside and had a blast, and my sister in law and I shut ourselves in my office and talked books and blogs.  It was so nice not having to look after the kids.  I felt slightly guilty as I heard the footsteps thundering overhead and said "Jeffrey's got it under control." Because really, in what universe do I ever get to say that?  It was so nice, I think I will have to try it again.

After what seemed like 5 minutes of us talking, Faye showed up at the door covered in mud.  Her little friend from across the street thought it would be a good idea to make mud pies in our flower garden... er, dirt mound that is patiently waiting and filling up with weeds for next spring when the bulbs I planted will blossom and bring forth much beauty.  In the meantime, little girls dig and water and "create" in my sleeping flower bed.  At the door of my office, Faye said "Dad said I could," and skipped away.  But you see, I was enjoying my kid free time so much, I just let her go, figuring I would talk with Jeffrey later and see what on earth he was thinking to let her play in the mud and then to let her track it through the house!

Eventually we decided it was time to leave the safety of my office and brave the world again.  We found all the kids (minus a muddy Faye) in the man cave with the guys, playing on the computers.  Reluctantly the kids said goodbye, and they left, leaving us an unopened carton of ice cream and half a bottle of orange soda.  It was very generous of them, and made us all very happy.  Because, ice cream, guys!  Jeffrey and I tucked the kids in bed, and then we also went to bed.

In the morning, miraculously, the kids let us sleep in.  When I finally woke up around 9, I was shocked to have been allowed to sleep so late.  I don't think that has ever happened since we have lived here.  Jeffrey and I lay in bed, talking, when we heard bumping coming from downstairs.

"The kids are in your office." I said, secretly smiling to myself.  My smile was because he had to get up and I could sprawl happily in bed with no one to interfere.

Jeffrey leaped out of bed, and rushed downstairs.

My smile quickly turned to the deep sigh of motherhood.  The one that can't be explained or even taught.  It just comes from days on end of lack of sleep and countless messes and problems to clean up.

I heard a yell, and lots of little panicked voices trying to explain something, and then a "Wait 'till your mother sees this!"

I knew that was the end for me.  I rolled out of bed, pulled some clothes on and met Jeffrey coming back, carrying the baby who was covered in sticky.

Ice cream sticky.

The kids had gotten into the ice cream and eaten the whole carton.

Or at least they had eaten half and smeared the other half into the carpet.

Or some other ratio.  But they were covered in sticky, the carpet was saturated in white sticky goopy mess, and the carton was completely empty.

"Welcome to Sunday, the day of rest!" I thought ironically.

Luckily, we have connections.  I called my mother in law and asked if I could borrow her carpet cleaner.  She kindly agreed, and we set up a time when I could pick it up.  On my way out there, I stopped by my grandmother's house and she laughed and laughed when I told her the story.

"It seems to me, I have heard that exact story from your mother's lips." she said.  I guess my oldest sister had basically done the same thing.  She had enjoyed a carton of ice cream, stashed it under her bed, and then forgot about it.  Of course, it melted and left a huge gooey mess for my mother to clean up.

This morning I was caught in the moment of cleaning it up, but now, I am just laughing and laughing about it.  They were so independent and helpful.  They fed the baby (ice cream) breakfast, they entertained her (with ice cream and lots of TV) so we could sleep.  They are just so funny!  Jeffrey and I talked and we decided that they can be grounded from electronics and sugar for a week.  If I didn't have a vendetta against electronics and a sincere desire to eliminate sugar from our house I would say it was a bit too harsh of a punishment.  But as I don't really like electronics very much, and I love sugar way too much, it really is a great thing to have an excuse to get rid of them for at least a little while.

Happily, they think the punishment is just.

Gosh I love those funny kids.


Wow you really have eventful nights! the story about your sister and the ice cream is hilarious. I don't know why my kids don't think about sneaking ice cream and stuff while everyone's asleep? I'm just thankful they aren't that smart.

You need a day of rest, you need a week of rest!!
p.s. I love how your blog is halloween and festive!

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