Monday, September 15, 2014

I don't care for you.

When Keith gets home from school, I try to have a snack ready for him.  Today, Jeffrey and Faye were on a "date," watching Tale Spin downstairs and eating popcorn, so naturally, Keith joined them. Which left Beth and me upstairs with all the rest of the popcorn.

Which she devoured quite happily.

It was darling.

Rather quickly the popcorn was hoovered away (by the kids, not an actual Hoover) and tummies were full.  But shortly thereafter came the question of dinner.

Well, I have to leave the house once a day.

At least once.

If I don't, I get cabin fever and go a little crazy.  It's best for everyone if I get out at least once.  And taking Keith to school doesn't count.

So, around 6:30 I left to go to the grocery store, and to get a pizza for the kids.  $3 on Mondays, can't beat that!

While I was at the grocery store, I chatted with my brother while I browsed the isles, enjoying being alone for the first time that day.  I got things for Keith's lunch, and for our dinners for the week.  I paid, left the store and was so very nearly to my car when I felt something hit my leg, and then another something hit my foot and bounce away.

What on earth?

I turned around and saw my apples and pears merrily bouncing away down the black asphalt of the parking lot.  With a sigh, I picked up the ones near my feet and put them back in my bag.  More apples and pears jumped out of my bad, and embarrasingly, it took me that long to realize I had a hole in my bag.  I was so thankful when a bagger and another shopper were so kind to rush to my aid and stop my produce before it rushed into the oncoming traffic in front of the store.  They helped me put the fruit into a different bag, a better hole-less bag, and I was on my way back to my van. However, somehow in the fruit kerfuffle, my purse, which was hanging on my shoulder, mysteriously got turned upside-down and three steps later, its innards were spread across the parking lot as well.


I don't care for you.

I stopped for the pizza and there weren't any ready, so I did have to wait 15 minutes or so, but I was talking to my Mom, so no biggie there.  While I was driving home, I saw the missionaries, and had to flip a U to talk to them as Primary has been on the brain lately.  We talked for a bit, until Jeffrey began calling me because he was getting worried.  Somehow time had skipped ahead without telling me and nearly 2 hours had passed since I left home.  Oops.

When I got home, this is what I found.  The baby in bed, and the other three passed out on the luvsac where they had been watching Tale Spin together.

While today had its downs, there were absolutely some adorable ups!

See picture evidence.

I guess Monday's aren't all bad.

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Susan Anderson said...

What a great photo!

Loved the post, too. Such a slice of life in a mom's day.