Bring Back the 80's Rinks!

It is amazing how cathartic writing can be.  I just wrote a blog post on the theme of "Wo is me" and left it as a draft, because honestly, that is just plain pathetic and depressing.  Once I got that out of the way, my mind was able to open a little more and my thoughts are clearer and I find that I can actually write again.  I was suffering from a severe bout of writer's block due to all the negativity clogging up the creative expressways. I also had been battling a migraine since Monday. Happily, after venting to no one in a draft, my migraine happily subsided. Writing truly is healing and cathartic!

Life chuggs on in the usual way.  I have decided the world needs to see how Faye eats.

That girl seriously has a hard time sitting still, and the words "Get your feet off the baby!" have become quite common in our meal time conversations.

I have been experimenting with after school snacks.  Thus far, our favorite is homemade pretzels.

Oh my goodness, yummy!  I feel like quite a culinary diva when I make them, and the family absolutely loves them.  I especially love that they are so easy to make!

Beth just makes me laugh from sun up to sun down.  

Her snaggletooth smile, her voracious reading appetite, and the way she kisses Jack every time he pops up from his box, seconds before shoving him back down, only to play the music until he pops up and repeat.  She tries to fix her own hair and anyone elses' when she finds a stray comb or brush.  

Today she said "Faye," which just made my day! 

Keith is doing well in school.  I got an email from his teacher earlier this week saying that she would be starting him on second grade concepts because he is so far ahead of the rest of his class.  He has to read for 20 minutes a day, and has decided he is going to read The Hobbit.  He began on Sunday and is already on chapter 5.  It makes me so happy to see him reading every spare second he gets.  He is getting really good at it, and I love to share the joy of reading with him!  Now to work on Faye with reading.  She doesn't have a lot of interest yet, sadly.

Keith's school had a free night at the local skating rink for all first graders.  

It was so much fun! I was excited to share the joys of roller skating with the kids.  I told both Keith and Faye that they could bring their scooters, they didn't have to try roller skating, but both were adamant to try it.  I nearly burst with the nostalgia of skating rinks (I was born in the 80's, what are you going to do?), and thrilled with the joy of sharing all the fun times I had with them.

Apparently kids today are not as eager to fall down over and over and over and over.  I spent the first half hour trying to balance on my skates while holding Keith up on one side, and Faye up on the other.  After having my skates kicked out from under me by a falling child for the 10th time, and actually twisting my ankle pretty badly, I decided they would have a lot more fun with me being more stable.  I would have loved to cruise in the counter-clockwise circle, feeling the rush of the wind and passing people (not many adults were in the rink.  It was mostly just first graders and me), and just the joy of gliding around on the skates, but we were there for Keith, and really, I wanted them to feel the joy of skating, so I returned my skates, took them both firmly by the hand, and walked and pulled them v  e  r  y slowly around the circle.  By the time we had to leave, they had both gotten much better and rarely fell down at all!  Seeing as how birthday time is just around the corner, I had secret hopes to hear one of them ask for roller skates for their birthday, or for Christmas.

"I want to come here for my birthday!" Faye announced.  I smiled, excited to be able to actually skate while Jeffrey or someone else took a turn helping the kids.  To skate for even a few minutes would suffice.

"See that princess castle bouncy house over there?  I want to play on that.  And look at all the games! And there is bowling.  This place is great!  Only I don't want to skate when we come for my birthday." she announced, firmly putting a leak in my excitement.

The sheer effort of having both kids continually pulling on me in order to keep from falling down, trying to hold them up and not be torn from one side or the other was extremely physical.  I was surprised to feel sweat dripping down my face, and to see drops landing on the floor.  I really didn't think I was working that hard, but apparently I was.  At least we all had fun with it.  Now I just need a good massage and an hour or two in a hot tub to get my shoulders and back to not be so sore!

Maybe I can convince Keith to join me in skating if we actually do go for Faye's birthday.


Susan Anderson said…
I remember not being too stoked on the process of learning to roller skate, either. We had to learn on the street, and skinned knees were part of that process.


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