Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Family That Shares, Cares

I went to bed at 9:30 tonight.

I tossed and I turned until I couldn't take it anymore. The constant sniffling, the involuntary swallowing and perpetual throat clearing due to drainage steadfastly oozing down the back of the throat was enough to drive one mad. With an embittered wheeze, I got up to attempt the impossible. 

I tried to clear my head. 

A cacophony of trumpeting, gagging, throat clearing and spitting ensued. 

Triumphant, I went back to bed with minute improvement. 

But there was improvement nonetheless, and this pleased me enough to attempt sleep again. 

Except the cold I am currently dueling was lovingly given me by Jeffrey who lay obliviously snoring next to me through his resident virus. 

Because a family that shares, cares. 

And so, as I lay wishing for that sweet repose, I happened to glance at the window. 

Through the slats in the blinds I was overwhelmed by the brightness of the moon. It reminded me why we call this place Moon Hollow, and it made me smile. And then, right after that sweet innuendo, the moon deftly slid off stage behind a curtain of clouds. 

A recollection of my many blessings was brought to mind and I couldn't help but think how much things have changed in just a year. A year ago I was a sleep-deprived kelpie struggling to juggle a new born and a kindergartner for the first time ever. Figuring out sleep schedules vs pick up in another city school schedules. Now, I am a sleep-deprived mother trying to juggle three very different yet individually impressive children, school (for the kids because, guys, their homework means my homework), working in the primary, house and yard duties, and just being me (which on its own is a monumental job in and of itself). 

There always seems to be so much going on and I keep hearing myself say "After this week I can breathe." It seems to have become my catchphrase. 

Note to self: Get a better catchphrase. Stat!

Still blissfully smiling through all these thoughts, I picked up my phone to glance at my photos, and hoping to get a picture of the stage shy peeping moon, I turned on my camera. 

My smile instantly evolved into a poorly muffled giggle. 

I had forgotten that Faye had my phone today. 

Her self expression makes me so happy. 

Despite going to bed 3 hours ago and notwithstanding the viscous germy residents making my head orifices very moist, I am quite glad that I couldn't sleep as the memories and discoveries more than made up for the lost sleep. 

Just remind me of that tomorrow when I am stumbling around in yet another narcoleptic haze. 

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Susan Anderson said...


Ain't motherhood sweet?

(Answer: YES.)