Right Here in River City... er, Moon Hollow!

Beth is sick today. That means that I have been incredibly preoccupied with her. She is very clingy when she doesn't feel well.

Aren't we all?

Because of my constant involvement with a sick baby, I wasn't able to watch Faye as closely as I should have.


After lunch Faye invited a friend over. I figured that was great, as they could entertain each other, and stay out of trouble.

You would think I should know better by now.

I should know that:

Faye + no supervision = big big Trouble.

With a capital 'T'
and that rhymes with 'P'
and that stands for Potty!

They played quite happily outside for a few hours. Then they came inside and played for a while, and then it was dinner time, so we sent her friend home. When I was getting ready to put the kids to bed, I got a text from the neighbor girl's mom.

"My daughter told me that she and Faye had been playing in your shed, found a training potty, and they took turns using it. Poop and pee. I just thought you should know so when you pull it out to train Beth you aren't greeted with a shocking surprise."

Shocking surprise indeed!

"Ya got trouble, my friend, right here,
I say, trouble right here in [Moon Hollow]."


Lisa said…
Hahaha! That's hilarious! Sara did something similar the other day- they built an "outhouse" in my sister garage when my niece (who's 10) told Sara that she couldn't use the real potty. Sara used a bucket as the potty... little stinker. And she's 7!

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