Importance is Relative

I went to bed exhausted last night.  I have so much to get done, and sometimes I get a trifle overwhelmed.  I sometimes get so bogged down I feel like I am fighting a losing battle, and as soon as I get one area in the house clean, another is immediately needing my attention.  It can be quite daunting.  I made a list of things I needed to do in my head as I was trying to sleep.
  • Clean the family room
  • Clean my laundry room
  • Wash my clothes
  • Clean my crafting area
  • Clean the kitchen and living room before Mimi gets here
  • Exercise
  • Clean mine and Beth's bedrooms
  • Clean my bathroom
  • Trim the wild crazy bushes in the back yard that are trying to swallow small children whole
  • Get out the fall decorations
This morning, I reluctantly got up.  I was having a very good dream about traveling back in time with the Doctor to do some authentic "vintage" shopping.  Because if you give a girl a time machine, apparently that is what she is going to do.  Go shopping.  

I got breakfast made and threw a lunch together for Keith, and then we rushed out the door to get him to school on time.  When I got home, I put Beth down for her nap, and then went downstairs to do some exercise. 

Except I couldn't find the remote for the TV.

Keith likes to hide it so he can sneak up in the middle of the night and watch Pokemon.  It is a battle and I am hoping to win it one of these days.  But this morning, Keith won.

No remote means no exercise.  And don't give me that "you could stop being lazy and get up and turn it on at the TV" business.  I know that is true, but it makes things so much more complicated because I am not sure which switch to put it on, and which channel coordinates with which switch on the multimedia switch box.  It gets very confusing and would probably take a good 20 minutes to figure out.  20 minutes I didn't have to spare.  I was on a tight schedule if I wanted to get things clean before Mimi showed up.

I decided I could always exercise when Keith got home and "found" the remote for me.  In the meantime, my checklist was calling.

And so, typical of me in a time crunch, I chose the least important job to do and did it well.

I am so happy for Fall and Halloween to come!

I have to say, the decorating did help me get my cleaning done in a much more thorough manner than it would have otherwise been cleaned.  But it also took the majority of the day and all I was able to cross off were clean the upstairs and put up decorations.

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the things that are truly most important to us.

It seems that Fall decor ranks in the top three of most important things to me.  It may not be the most important in actuality, but it was what was done first, so that must be telling me things.

Not only did I get the living room and bathroom deep cleaned and decorated, I got the kitchen and front yard done as well.  Well, decorated the front yard.  The cleaning will come later.  And I will turn my front door into a monster when it is at least October.  I am not ready for that sort of commitment just yet.  Something about all the weather ruining all that hard work doesn't get me very excited to do it early... yet. 

Besides, while cleaning I justified away my checklist.  Tomorrow I will do mine and Beth's bedrooms/laundry.  Saturday I will work in the yard.  Monday I will clean the laundry/craft room.

Hopefully no more "Super important to me and no one else" things come up in the meantime!

But really, look at it!


Susan Anderson said…
I always follow my instincts on such things, and it appears that yours were good.

Plus, you had a happy day, which means your family probably did, too.

Win-win, right?

Lisa said…
Ha! I love your dream! :) and I'm so jealous that your house is decorated!

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