Beth's Birthday Part 2

Wednesday morning I was awakened by my favorite cooing sounds coming from Beth's room.  I smiled, and quickly got up to go get her.  As I changed her diaper, I let the Birthday Song play on my phone.  Our family birthday song is Older by They Might Be Giants.  Keith demands it be played all day for every birthday.  So we have adopted it as the official birthday song here at Moon Hollow.

Beth was still acting a little fussy from the night before, so I gave her some Tylenol and really hoped she would not be coming down with anything more serious.  It was her first birthday, for heaven's sake!  No one should be sick on their birthday!

The kids and I straightened up the house, and then we got ready for her birthday party.  Which consisted of making a cake.  We had tons of zucchini, so I reasoned a zucchini cake would be awesome.

It was.

Our friends came over to play/help with the birthday celebrations, and Addie and I made the cake while the kids ran around like crazy superheros.  I was going to do a simple book cake, but my dear friend has got the skillz!  She turned my humble book into a beautiful butterfly.  We had a lot of batter left over, so I whipped out the cupcake liners and after some hunting found my cupcake trays, and we loaded them up.

So good, did I mention?  Zucchini cake may be replacing carrot cake on my list of favorites.  Maybe.  Besides, it has to be healthy.  It is made with a vegetable.  Right?  Right?

Our friends left right when Jeffrey's family began to arrive for the birthday party.  It was wonderful.  Beth wasn't quite sure what to do with all the prettily wrapped things we were giving her.  Mostly, she just wanted to eat it.  We had to help her get started, and oh boy!  I worry we may have created a tearing monster.  Keep your books and papers up high and out of her reach, because she now loves to tear!  Oops.

We got her the typical baby gifts.  Mostly books.  Stuffed animals, etc.  But when she was through unwrapping all her gifts, Jeffrey brought out the big one.

A little car that she can put things in the seat, it plays all kinds of music, and she can push it to help her walk.

All other gifts and cake were promptly forgotten when she saw it.  She spent the rest of the night playing with that toy, and is rather possessive of it.  Which, funny enough, is necessary as I can't count the number of times I have had to tell her brother and sister to leave it alone and let her play with it.

I feel so blessed to have such a sweet and delicious little girl in our family.  My goodness, we are lucky!  I am so glad she didn't get any sicker than the little cold that is bothering her, and I am happy that she had such a lovely birthday.

Too bad she won't remember it.


Susan Anderson said…
She is adorable. And I'm impressed with the book to butterfly efforts of your friend...

Sort of reminds me of squiggles. Did you ever do those?


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