Beth's Birthday Part 1

We have had so much fun through the month of July, but I have to admit, I am glad that we can take things down a notch or two.

Beth's birthday celebration was awesome.  On Tuesday night my family and the kids and I planned to go up into the mountains for a celebration.  It rained all day casting doubt over our plans.  The sky was an angry billowy grey and the wind was vindictive.  I kept crossing my fingers, hoping against all odds we would be able to go.  I stalked for the forecast, which was dire, but true to Utah weather fashion, it did change hourly, so the hour to hour predictions were frequently obsolete by the next hour.  With hope and faith high in my heart, we set off amidst a particularly viscous downpour.  Twenty minutes into the drive, lo and behold, the sky was clear and we had driven right out of the storm.  The weather was gorgeous after that.

We drove up the mountains and my soul felt like it could breathe again.  I have been longing for the freedom and peace I always get from the mountains and had been trying to plan a trip, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet.  Thank heavens my brother took the initiative on this one.

We speed walked through the trail, my mom and I lagging behind.  I forgot that is how my brother hikes.  He hurries through, anxious to get to the destination.  I prefer to stop and enjoy the beauty as I walk around.

It takes much longer my way, but I enjoy it more.

We hurried around the lake, and then drove to a sweet little picnic spot for a campfire dinner.

Because everything tastes better cooked over a campfire!

Oh my goodness, we had so much fun!  My kids were delirious with excitement, cousin time and sugar.

We sang Happy Birthday to Beth and let her attempt to blow out her candle.

She tried to grab it and eat the flame.  Good thing Mom hands are much quicker than baby hands.  That could have been disastrous.  Beth did enjoy sticking her fingers in the frosting and eating, much to my niece's consternation.  It made me laugh.  It was her birthday.  Her first birthday.  That gave her the right, I explained.  My niece didn't buy it and requested a piece of cake untouched by baby fingers.

When it was getting too dark to see, we packed everything up and left the canyon.

On the way home, all three of the kids promptly fell asleep.

And then Beth woke up just long enough to throw up.

Typical baby.

I debated finding a spot to pull over, but reasoned that cleaning the baby off would only wake her and make her scream, so I just drove as fast as I dared, and when I got home, I gave her a bath while Jeffrey cleaned off the car seat.  It was gross.  I am so glad that he will take care of throw up for me because I only add to the problem if I have to clean it up.

We carried the kids to their beds, plopped them in as they were still asleep from the drive, and we all went to bed, happy, and smelling of campfire.

We would all have baths tomorrow, I promised myself.  It was a lush day.


Susan Anderson said…
Oh my gosh, these photos! They are gorgeous.

A perfect day it seems.
Minus the throw-up.


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