The Bear Lake Monster sunburn

When I was a kid we would vacation at Bear Lake.  My grandparents had a cabin and a trailer there that they would let us stay in and it was always the highlight of the summer, until they sold it. Yesterday I got to take my kids there with my family, and we had so much fun!

We left early in the morning, wanting to spend as much time as we could up there.  The drive was heavenly, as always.  I sure miss the mountains.  Driving through the canyon, seeing the bright wildflowers dotting the mountain, the brilliant green carpeting everything, and the intoxicating smell of fresh air and dirt avalanched memories and the same excitement I got when I was a kid driving through that canyon.  Breathtaking is what it was!  Especially the anticipation of getting that first blue glimpse of the lake.  Because Bear Lake is always so blue and inviting like an old friend.

We spent the morning playing in the shockingly warm water.  I have never felt it so warm in all the years we went up there.  Beth was like a fish in the water.

Once she eased herself in, she didn't want to get out.  Keith decided he could swim (thank heavens for the life jacket!) and went as deep as he could go before an adult sent him back to the shallow water.  Again and again and again.  He practically stayed in the water the whole time, emerging once for food and diving back in again immediately.

And Faye, as usual, was all over the place.  She surprised me by being afraid of the water and wouldn't go very deep.  I tried to teach her how to let her life jacket do all the work, but it terrified her.  Which is complete opposite of the last time we went swimming and she didn't have a life jacket and kept trying to go into the deep end.  Silly girl.

We applied sunscreen liberally, a few times, sand sticking to us everywhere, smelling like coconut and chemical.  The kids played on the paddle boards, and my brother in law rented a jet ski.  I entertained the shallow end dwellers with stories of the Bear Lake Monster while we made drip sand castles and mermaid tails.

It was an absolute day, complete with Le Beau's raspberry shakes for the drive home, a drive equally beautiful and welcoming.

When we got home, I learned a sad truth.

My sunscreen doesn't work.  Not on this fair Scandinavian skin.  The kids and I are all sporting funny sunburns, but Faye's takes the cake.

Not wanting to get the sunscreen in her eyes, I missed the spot around her eyes.  And so she has a backwards sunglasses burn.  Just around her eyes got burned, no where else on her face.  And then her arms and legs are looking rather lobstery.  Only Keith's face was burned as that was the only part of his body showing.

The rest was submerged the whole time.  Beth got just a little pink around her cheeks and nose, blending in perfectly with her cute little red spot.  And then there was me.

Despite three separate applications of sunscreen, I burned the most and the worst.

I cannot walk today.  The crease where my foot and leg attach is burned and walking is excruciating.  Forget sleep.  The back of my legs are burned as is a lot of my back.  The front part of my legs were completely fried.  Touch of any type, including from the blankets causes searing pain.  It has made for an interesting day today, I tell you what!

Despite the sunburns, it was such a lovely time with my family.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Well, perhaps the sunburns.  Those we could do without.


Emmy said…
Oh my gosh ouch! That looks awful!! So sorry about the burns. Alex had a sunburn right around her eyes like that recently, it is hard to get right up by their eyes.
Looks like it was a really fun time though at least. My grandparents used to have a cabin at Island Park but they sold it many years ago, I wish they hadn't.
Heather said…
Eek. That is bad. Sleeping whilst burned is sooooo awful. I am sorry. Hopefully you're on the mend!

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