Plumber's Room

Independence Day.

What a great day. 

It was such a lovely lazy day.  We ran some errands in the morning and then wound our way over to Jeffrey's favorite burger joint.  We took the burgers to the Tardis park and enjoyed an afternoon playing in a completely deserted park.  

Keith needed to use the bathroom, so we pointed it out to him.  He walked over to it, and turned around and walked back.

"There isn't a boys bathroom there." he announced, eagerly looking toward the bushes.  

Jeffrey and I exchanged a look, knowing what he was hinting at, and I offered to show him where it was.  I took his hand, and we headed over to the bathrooms.  

"See?  There isn't a boy's bathroom." he said pointing to the doors.

There was a sign on the women's door.  On the men's door, someone had removed the sign and a picture was drawn on the door.

"That's the boy's bathroom, Keith." I pointed out to him.  

"No it isn't, that is the plumber's room."

What a funny boy!  He was happy to relieve himself.

We had some friends over for a barbecue which was lovely as always.

We like things a little flame-broiled, I guess.  Bacon wrapped hot dogs tend to drip a lot of grease which flames like apparently.  But so long as you remove them from the flame, it gets an incredible flavor.
Saturday we were relaxing and recovering from a late night when I found out about a visit from some Princesses.  We jumped into the van and drove out to meet them.

Faye was in absolute heaven.  The whole way there she was bouncing in her seat, asking "Are we there yet? Why is it taking so long to get there?  Why aren't we there yet?  Are we ever going to get there?"  She was squealing and bouncing around when we got out of the van.  She practically dragged me to where they were. And then the princesses tried to talk to her.  

She hid behind me.  She became shy and timid.  The princesses tried to pull her out of her shell.  She smiled and giggled and when they tried to give her a "warm hug" she said "I can't.  We have to go now," and pulled me away.  As we were walking away, Faye whispered to me, "I wish we could have stayed longer.  Why did we have to leave so soon?"

Keith wasn't so thrilled.

This is why I love holiday weekends.  Surprising fun is just around the corner.


Crystal Collier said…
LOL! Keith... Whew! Kids are awesome.

I'm giggling over Faye because I see the exact same thing ALL the time here with kids who get to see their favorite characters at Disney. She's adorable.
Jenny said…
Giggling over the plumber picture!

And what gorgeous princesses you got to visit!

I'm glad you're loving the new place!
Em said…
hahahaha brennan secretly LOVES frozen!!! he won't admit it in front of his friends, but he gets just as excited as max to watch it together. love it.

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