It was late.  Everyone in the house was asleep but me.  I was happily folding laundry while watching mindless TV and laughing because King of the Hill is just funny.  I finished, carried my basket upstairs, and smiled.  It was nice having all the laundry folded.  Now to put it away.

I climbed the stairs, making certain to turn off all the lights.  When I got to the top, I noticed the kitchen door was unlocked, so I locked up for the night.  I stealthily entered Beth's room, putting her basket of clothes just inside the door because that baby sleeps like a cat.  I then went into my room and began hanging my clothes up.

I was going rather slowly and daydreaming while I did it, lazily looking forward to sleeping in my bed.  Faye had begged Jeffrey to sleep with her because she couldn't sleep, and so I would get to sprawl to my heart's content.

Suddenly, I heard the doorknob to the kitchen door rattle.  Then I heard the unmistakable sound of a shoulder heaving against the door.  Then silence.

I froze, clutching the shirt I was about to hang up and listened.  I didn't hear anything else, so crept into Faye's room and touched Jeffrey's shoulder.

"Someone just tried to come into the house." I whispered, my eyes wide.

I will forever love Jeffrey for how quickly he flung the covers off of him, jumped out of the bed and rushed to the door to investigate.  I didn't know he could move so fast from a state of sleep to a state of awake.

Before he went outside, he grabbed a flashlight, and his shoes, and then went out to see what was going on.


Blackness and nauseating heat greeted us at the door.


No one was there.

Jeffrey walked around the house.  He met a neighbor who had just gone out to water his plants.  The neighbor hadn't seen anyone, but he had walked out of his house seconds before Jeffrey.

And so Jeffrey came back inside.  I called the police and told them what had happened.  I requested increased police surveillance in our area.  And then Jeffrey and I discussed.

I had been petitioning for a dog ever since 2 summers ago when there were 3 separate news stories about people breaking into homes in the night and kidnapping little girls.  I couldn't bear it if something like that happened to us!  Even owning a gun would hold no guarantees as they broke in while everyone in the house was asleep and didn't wake up.  A dog would wake up and either scare the person off or alert the people in the house of an intruder.  And, if all goes well, attack the intruder, thus preventing them to intrude.

Jeffrey didn't want a dog.  He didn't want any pets.  He remembered the devastation of losing his dog when he was a child and he didn't want our kids to have to suffer like that.  But after last night, he is leaning more towards my school of thought.

After talking for a long time, I was eventually calmed down enough to go to sleep, but it wasn't a restful sleep at all.  I dreamed all night long about people breaking into my house.  I woke up with a headache.

All day today, I couldn't figure out why I had such a bad headache.  I drank lots of water.  I took some medicine and it didn't even touch it.  So, I gritted my teeth and went about my day.

Finally, late in the afternoon I figured out why my head was hurting so much.

I had been walking around all day with shoulders up to my ears from tenseness. I had been gritting my teeth all day long.  Subconsciously.  Apparently that one occurrence which spanned no more than 5 seconds has been haunting me all day long.

We are now hyper sensitive to unlocked doors and windows.  As much as I love sleeping with the windows open in the spring and fall, that is not something we can do anymore.

Unless, of course, we have dog.


Emmy said…
Oh my gosh so scary!! Imagine if you hadn't just locked it! So so glad you did.
Anonymous said…
What?! Get the dog. And pepper spray. And a big, heavy metal bat. Man, now I'm worried about you guys. Get a really, really, really big dog.
Heather said…
Super creepy. Glad all is well. Get the dog! Or an alarm system. Or motion lights- what about those?!
Thank the angel who nudged you to look at that door!

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