Idol Worship and Ladybug Toes

A few days ago, I had a thought.

I don't play with my kids enough.  I read to them, I talk with them, but I don't get down and dirty and play with them.  I think it mostly stems from my aversion to messes.  And the kids tendency to create them.

So today, when Faye wanted to play beauty parlor, I didn't bat an eye.  She wanted me to pain her toes like a lady bug, so I did.  Then she returned the favor.

I love it.

She then wanted to paint finger nails.  She picked out the polish, got me comfortable on the floor, watching My Little Pony, and then she proceeded to paint.  Lime green.  With sparkles.  I am genuinely surprised with how well they turned out!  I never would have put those two colors together, but she did, and it isn't half bad!  She then had me paint her fingernails blue, and then go over it with hot pink.  Which made me internally chuckle because she didn't quite realize neither of those colors is a good one for going over the top of another color.  But she rocked it proudly, and showed everyone her funny looking, almost-purple-but-not-quite fingernails.  She later informed me this will be a daily practice.  I told her that would be fine, but she might have to wait for the nail polish to wear off first.

That alone would have made today one of the best days ever, but seriously, I have been so spoiled today! As you already know, my little brother was letting my borrow his piano as he didn't want to put it in storage while he was getting to move, and I desperately wanted a piano.  Sadly, his impending departure is this week.  We are all very sad about it.  And I didn't want to admit this to anyone, but I was very sad he was leaving, and felt guilty for not wanting to say goodbye to the piano as well.  But then, the stars aligned, and some kind of voodoo magic was at play.

I must have been a good girl.

Jeffrey bought me a piano.

It is a cabinet piano.

I must have been a very good girl!

You see, cabinet pianos are my favorite.  They always have been.  I like how imposing and stately they are.  And the sound.  Have you heard the sound?  Because of their height, cabinet pianos have incredible sound.

As does mine.  Because it is an old player piano that was gutted of the player pieces.  Aka, cabinet.

After work today, Jeffrey picked up a piano dolly from a rental place.  We recruited some friends and my father, and set about moving my dream piano from the seller's forgotten garage to center stage of my living room.

It was a nail biting experience, that is for sure.

At one point, the 800 pound piano was off the ramp and the guys were afraid they were going to drop it.

They didn't, which is good because I am not sure we could have stayed friends.

It may have been a bit heavier than anticipated.

But I don't think there are words that can express my gratitude for all their help.

And so, for the past two hours, I have lovingly scrubbed and oiled up the old wood on my new baby.  I found a wad of chewed up gum on one of the legs, and it didn't even phase me.  It may have made me love my piano all the more.

I had to gush to someone about this lovely old thing, and so texted a friend with lots of details about my new love.  She jokingly responded that love like that is called idol worship.

I laughed 


Because, it makes music, and it is my own, and it is an antique!  Three of my most favorite things right there. The lady we got it from didn't know the year it was made, but she thinks it is around a century old. Which wouldn't surprise me a whole lot.

This piano has real ivory and ebony keys.

Which makes me feel a little sad because elephants are my favorite animal ever, but at the same time, it leaves me with a feeling of connectivity to the past.  I feel like some pretty serious jazz could have been coaxed out of these keys once upon a time.

But in secret, because the original owner of the piano was a church.  

And jazz was evil.

Somebody, pinch me.  I must be dreaming!

But wait, there's more!

I currently have 2 pianos in my living room.  Anyone want to come jam out some Mannheim Steamroller with me?  Or any other 2 piano song?  Because those are the most fun to play, and this is a very rare and unique opportunity I have for only 3 days more.

I just have to say, my husband is the best ever.  In the past I had no less than 5 guys promise to buy me a piano.  Jeffrey is the only one who came through, and he never even promised.  Take that infatuated guys in high school!

It must be love.


Heather said…
Very cool. Enjoy your jam sessions!

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