We are not a gambling people.

But sometimes it is too hard not to.

Beth has been teasing us with one or two step walks lately.  We know it is just a matter of days before she is in full fledged walking mode.

While I am not eager to encourage her to walk (I remember how hard it is to keep them out of stuff once they have better and taller mobility), I am eager to help her grow developmentally.  And lets be real here, watching babies take their first steps is simply adorable!  Who wouldn't want to watch and encourage that?

Beth has been tenacious.  She falls no less than a million times a day.  The second she falls, she pushes herself back up and tries again.  Sometimes she falls on purpose and then laughs like crazy, probably full well knowing the anticipation she is building in all of us.

And so, after watching this go on for a few days, with her taking one to two steps to whet our anticipation, we have done what all sane humans do.

We have resorted to gambling.

We all chose a day when we think Beth will walk across the room with no help.  For an adult, it is about 3 steps from one chair to the other.  For Beth it will most likely be more than that, and we figure that will be good enough to consider her walking.

The bets are in.

Keith said July 4th.
Faye said July 5th.
Jeffrey said July 6th.
I said July 7th.

The winner gets to do whatever they want for a night.

Faye will probably chose something like painting her fingernails, a tea party, or watching My Little Pony. Keith will probably chose Mine Craft, Legos, or playing Chess with his Dad.  Jeffrey said he wants a hermit night, meaning a night when I take the kids to my parent's house or somewhere leaving him in the peace and quiet of the house for a few hours.  I want a date.

I am withstanding the urge to not let Beth practice walking right now, though, just so I will win.  That seems to be cheating, though, and I can't live with that as I hate it when people cheat.  Sigh.

The bets are in.

Now we wait.


*Jess* said…
the best gambling I've ever heard of :) I can't believe she is almost walking!
Susan Anderson said…
What a fun way to celebrate this milestone.


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