Faith Healing

Another day spent lounging around, keeping off my feet and off my back.

Highlights of the day consisted of teaching Beth how to play with the Jack in the Box.  Once she figured it out, she sat on my lap and we played with it for nearly an hour straight.  It was delightful.  Her anticipation and squeals every time it popped open, the slight tremor that went through her body when she was surprised, and the continual eagerness to try again.

A new book arrived in the mail today.  A book for Faye.  I told her that when I was little my mom called me the Little Mommy because she said I was always eager to take care of my younger siblings and be a little mother to them.  When I told that to Faye, she decided that is what she wanted to do as well, and ever since has been an amazing helper.

I love that girl.

So when I saw this book
I couldn't resist.

Firstly, it is an old Little Golden Book with gorgeous artwork.  I collect those.  I am trying to gather all of the Eloise Wilken books because her artwork is my favorite.  I love the chubby little children she draws.  They make my happy.  Back to the book, though.  It is lovely!  It is all about a little girl being a mother to her dolls.  Which Faye wants to copy.  Between that book and We Help Mommy (an Eloise Wilken illustrated book),

I am set.  Faye wants to help me all the live long day when we start out the day with those books. Glory be! I love the positive influence of these books, and even more than that, I love that she loves to pretend to be a little mommy so much!

Faye and I read her books for a while on my bed, and then when she hurried out to be a little mommy and help Jeffrey, I got drowsy and tried to take a nap.

Fail on the nap.  I kept getting texts from people, and little feet running up and down the hallway, doors slamming, squealing, laughing, and the usual sounds of a happy Saturday morning.  While I was trying to convince my mind to turn off enough to sleep, a solution to a problem I have been working on since May popped into my head.  I was so excited, I had to get up.  I am going to have to say, that was 100% inspiration and none of it came from me. But I am so very glad to finally have a solution to the problem that I have been mulling over in the back of my mind for nearly 3 months now.  Yay!

Another highlight of my nearly bed-ridden day: Salvation in the form of a cousin.  Jerian is going to be teaching at a school near my house.  She asked me to save some baby food jars for her, so I have been, but kept forgetting to take them to her.  She learned about my burn and so brought me some melaleuca oil, which she said penetrates the burn and begins healing from the inside out.  
It works, guys!  I had been staying off my feet, resting, guzzling water like a camel, and slathering aloe vera oil on my burn like it was going out of style.  None of that seemed to be having much of an immediate effect, but I kept on, religiously, hoping that it was helping, and I would be worse off had I not been doing all that fun stuff.  Now I ask you, why has no one introduced me to the wonders of melaleuca before today? Seriously?  I thought aloe vera was the only thing that fixed burns.  I am so glad that I learned this, and that Jerian shared her oil with me.

I feel like I was just healed by a Benny Hinn and I can walk again.  I want to testify it to the world, melaleuca works!  

I can walk!  

I have faith!

This miracle oil took out the bed-ridden part of my day, Hallelujah!

I was able to take my kids to my mom's house, who was watching my brother's kids for a few days. Apparently Keith's cousin told his mom he would only go to grandma's house if "that Keith boy" was there, because he was a lot of fun.  
So fun.  His peeling sunburned face says it all.
I am so glad they are such great friends.  If only they lived closer.  We played there, made rice krispy treats, and the kids got so excited and riled up for having been with their cousins again.  I even let Beth have a go at feeding herself.  

She did it like a champ.  

I am happy to report, just because my day started out a little sad and stuck in bed, it was a luscious day anyway.


*Jess* said…
My mother and I love Little Golden Books, too!
My favorite is "The Little Red Hen."

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