Christmas in July

By the end of the game, there were 14 people crammed onto this little bed.

This whole month is like a Christmas in July for me.  At some point or another this month all of my siblings will be in town.  I have reserved the whole month for fun!  Yesterday we got to go to a family reunion.  It was full of cousins and aunts and uncles and lots of food and craziness, as they always are.  By the end of the night we were all fairly exhausted.  I left early (around 10:20) to get Jeffrey a surprise from his favorite burger joint before they closed.  I had dropped the kids off with him around 8:00 pm and he stayed home to get them to bed.  When I got home with the goods, we snuggled in bed sharing a pastrami burger, fries, and the most incredible fry sauce; made from mouth watering dreams.  While we ate we watched silly Youtube videos of carrot eating hamsters and Houdini copying honey badgers and we laughed until we couldn't see from the tears pouring out of our eyes, salting our food.  Delicious!

Today after church we all met at my parent's house to watch World Cup.  So sad that Argentina didn't win, though I wasn't all that surprised.  But sitting in my brother and sister in law's room (they are staying there until they move in 2 weeks), everyone squished in around the "Double Decker Couch" aka the bunk beds reminded me of growing up.  Not that we ever did that as kids, but the closeness was there, our love for the game and the joy of sharing it with each other bound us closer together, which is a good thing, because we all live a couple thousand miles away from each other.

Keith and Faye have been delirious with fun and lack of sleep and cousin/best friend overload.  Beth has been having a lot of fun with her cousin Samantha, as well.  It will be awfully quiet and lonely when they are all gone again.  Today there were 21 people trying to navigate their way around my parent's small house, and that isn't even all of us!  It sure would be nice to have everyone there at the same time, though.  The last time that happened was in 1999 when my oldest brother got married.  Since then there have been many more additions to the family and it just seems to get harder and harder with each new baby born.  Maybe next year the stars will align and we will all be in the same place at the same time.  So close this year.  One brother was just two weeks off.

We are so excited for the adventures to come for the next couple of weeks!

*** Update: Beth still hasn't committed to walking yet.  She doesn't like to practice, it is too much bother when she can get someone to carry her by scrunching up her little nose and making the universal baby grunt for "up." She did take 4 steps today, so she is slowly increasing her steps.  Maybe by January she will have added enough to get across the room.  Funny lazy baby!


Em said…
oh boy that bedroom is packed!!!!! i love big family events like that:)
Jenny said…
Four steps! Wow! She's so smart...and adorable...just like her big bro!

Love that you're all squashed together...nothing makes more memories than rubbing elbows (and possibly butts)

Hugs to you, lovely girl.

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