Monday, June 23, 2014

"Whatever, I'm hilarious!"

This past weekend I have had the unique opportunity to have full care of Mimi.  She is a lot more work than I remember, but worth every frustrated sigh and pointless argument.  Again I say it, my mother in law is a saint!  To take care of Mimi, we are back at my in law's house, and Keith and Faye are in heaven!  I don't know what it is about this house they love so much, but they have told me several times they don't want to go back home.  As much as I like avoiding laundry, I am running out of clothes so that isn't an option.  Besides, Jeffrey's parents get back home tomorrow, so we will be going home then anyway, much to Mimi's dismay. She has been loving us staying here again.  She is such a sweet woman!

I keep wanting to write about Beth, but simply cannot find the right words.  I write so much about Keith and Faye, but have been saving up stories in my heart about Beth, unable to put them down in tangible words.

She is such a joy in our lives.  I can enjoy her so much more now that she is sleeping.
I love watching the way she flies across the floor, her little bum wagging like a tiny dog with a short tail. She is very near walking, but doesn't see much use for it since she is so adept with crawling.  I love watching her whole face light up when she sees someone she likes, and that special smile she has just for Daddy.  She is very clingy to me as her main food source, but I can tell that she is quite a daddy's girl.  I can see the secret light in her eyes when she glimpses her dad and how she can coax him to stop anything he is doing to play with her for just a few minutes, a feat the rest of us have yet to master.  I love the way she clings to my skirt while I am cleaning, making it hard for me to walk without tripping over her, and how she laughs when she gets tangled up in my skirts.  Her favorite games right now are Intsy Weentsy Spider, Pat-A-Cake, Peek-a-boo, and climbing up and down the stairs.  She is beginning to refuse baby food now, and opts to take food off our forks when they are on the way up to our mouths, or off our plates.  She has decided she is ready for real people food and is done with the pureed stuff.  I love the way Beth can pull the best fishy face.  She sucks her cheeks in, and the dimple in her right cheek is so much more prominent, but she doesn't realize she is doing it.  When I make a fishy face back to her she will stop hers and try to imitate my face, getting it all wrong, but making me laugh nonetheless.  She is the most obedient child I have ever encountered.  When she has something in her mouth, I merely put my hand beneath her chin and she will typically spit whatever is in her mouth into my hand.  Sometimes I have to say "spit it out." and she does.  My fingers are so thankful they don't have to get bit whilst fishing around in her mouth for whatever random choking hazard she invariably finds on the ground. As with all my children, Beth hates to be naked.  She had a diaper rash a week or so ago so I decided to air out her bum a little.  It was also a very warm day and we hadn't turned the AC on, so I let her crawl around naked.  She found a diaper and tried to put it on.  It made me laugh, I gave in and I put it on her.  A few minutes later I found her with some clothes, Faye's I think, trying to put them on.  Again, I laughed and got her dressed.  She really hates to be without clothes!  I love how she will follow me from room to room, wanting to be near me, or held by me.  I know I should put her down and wash the dishes, or clean the bathroom, but she will look out me, her uneven teeth giving her a bit of a lopsided smile, and I will melt, remembering all too well how quickly she will grow out of this adorable baby stage.
Because this is my favorite baby stage.  The stage where they are old enough to begin discovering the world around them.  They are old enough to interact.  They are squishy and cuddly and full of wonder and laughter.
Faye has taken to calling Beth "Choochoo," a nickname that is beginning to stick.  Or "Chooch" for short. I love it!  Faye said she calls her that because is so cute and little and cuddly like a choo choo train.  I don't know what train she is thinking of, but I love that the nickname is sticking as I have never really had a nickname before.  Keith has begun to pick up on the name for her as well.
So much is going on right now and I regret every time I don't record something.  Like the other day when Faye was with Keith and his friend.  They were talking about something completely off my radar (probably Pokemon as that is Keith's latest obsession) when I suddenly heard Faye exclaim loudly "Whatever.  I'm hilarious!"  She flipped her hair and stomped off.  That girl has got confidence and attitude!

And Keith, is just a really good kid.
He amazes me constantly with his kind and empathetic heart.  I was tucking him in bed one night and he showed me a paper he keeps on his headboard.  He told me to open it and read it, and how sometimes when he reads it, it makes him cry.  I opened it up, and it said something to the effect of "One day my mom will die, but she will be my mom forever, even after she is dead because I love her forever."  I held him close, his dirty blond hair tickling my nose, and he clung to me.  We sat like that for a while, talking about how it is very rare for children to lose their parents and how it most likely wont happen to him until he is all grown up and I am very old.  He wrapped his arms around me, gave me a tight squeeze and whispered that he loves me and is sorry for ever fighting with Faye because he knows that makes me sad. His words went straight to my mother heart and buried themselves there to be cherished forever.  That moment was a cherish forever moment as well.  He is simply a very good kid, and I worry about what the world will do to him.  And then I am comforted with the thought of what he will do to the world.  Gosh I love that boy!


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Such sweet times!

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Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

Sometimes memories are better in our heads and in our minds than when we put them down in words.

Susan Anderson said...

Loved this post, Amy. What a neat group of kids you have!