Keeping It Real

I had great plans years ago. Plans for how I would be a wonderful mother. I would teach my children to work, we would spend our evenings quietly reading together after dinner and baths, then have a cup of mint tea in my sparkling kitchen, and they would skip happily off to bed leaving Jeffrey and me to our time. 

And then I had kids. 

I think they broke me. 

Tonight we had dinner in an exhausted mess. I finished fixing it (stroganoff and nothing else in case you were wondering. No veggies, no fruit, just stroganoff), called the family to dinner, and dropped onto a stool to eat my dinner and feed Beth. The kids and Jeffrey finally showed up after the food had gotten cold and sat around the counter which was still cluttered from fixing the food. Once all were served and eating, I sneaked away for the first alone time of the day. 

When dinner was finished, the kids decided to dump out every basket of books, toys, and clothes they could find, abruptly ending my alone time.

I tossed them all in the tub because I couldn't remember the last time they bathed. The water was a murky brown when they were pruny enough to get out. In true fashion, they flooded the bathroom floor as they got out and went to their rooms to get dressed while I lotioned up the baby and got her pajamas on her. Faye couldn't find her underware and so the world ended. 

Once they were all dressed (except for Faye's underpants) we sat down and read scriptures. Rather Keith read the words, Faye kept interrupting with questions or random comments, and the baby wanted to eat my phone aka the scriptures. 

And then it was time for tea. As the kids were sitting down I told Faye to first go look in the pile of clean clothes waiting to be folded in the laundry room for her undies. Five minutes later Jeffrey ushered them up and whispered in my ear that he had caught them playing in the drier. Faye was in it telling Keith to close the door and turn it on. 

Obviously we had to have a long talk about why that was not okay!  While the kids drank their tea, I washed the dishes an tried to clean up the kitchen. And then I remembered all the things they had dumped out while I was having 5 minutes of alone time. I set the timer for 2 minutes and told them I am no longer their maid. They had to pick up everything before the buzzer went off or it would go in the mom box and they would have to do a chore to get it out. 

I have never seen my kids clean so quickly! 

And then it was time for prayer and tucking the kids in. Which went surprisingly smoothly. 

I sometimes shake my head in pity when I think of the high ideals pre-kids Amy had. There is nothing quite like having kids which stops you from judging other moms! We are all just trying to survive and raise kids who won't need too much therapy. 

Just keeping it real tonight. 


*Jess* said…
lol, sounds like my expectations and the reality of my life with three kids, too!
Susan Anderson said…
A challenging day, but it sounds like you handled it with aplomb.

Em said…
i love how beth's mom told me last year not to try to be a perfect mom, but just to be a lovely person. one of my favorite essays i've ever written. changed my life.

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