Woes of the TODO

I had great plans for today.  I woke up with lots of energy, ready to throttle my to do list, excited to cross things off, and reclaim my room from the laundry monster that seems to have taken over.

And so, the day began.

Before I could begin on my to do list, though, I had a few errands that I needed to run.  Faye needed some new clothes for the summer since she grows like a weed, so we headed off to the thrift store.  And the fabric store, because I needed to get some things to sew a skirt for Faye.  And while I was at it, I decided I needed to run to the craft store to get just a few things to make a necklace for my niece who is getting  baptized this weekend...

And so it went, things kept coming up.  Because when a to do list is a chore list, it is always easiest to prioritize everything else under the sun in front of it.

Most of the afternoon the kids and I played with my beads, creating lovely bracelets, necklaces and patterns with the jewelry.

Keith really has a knack for creating things.  His creations always surprise me.  And Beth cried, and wanted to be held non-stop.  Which was fine with me, because she was super cuddly and that makes me happy.  I love cuddly.

Once dinner was finished and Beth was asleep, my to do list nagged me from the back of my mind.  It kept whispering and reminding and being all kinds of annoying.

So I did what anyone would do to shut it up.

I went outside with the kids and popsicles and we sat in the shade of our trees, watching the cotton float around in the air like lost butterflies.

The golden hour of sunlight and summer breeze whispered lazily through our poplar trees while Faye jumped around, chirping through the fence to the neighbors, relishing in the season while Keith sat quietly next to me, occasionally making wise quips about Faye or the weather, or life in general.  He is such an old soul.  And we stayed there, breathing in every moment until it was time for bed.

To do list, you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Or not.

Thank you, procrastination for all the beautiful memories of today.


Susan Anderson said…
What a perfect day, and I love the necklace!


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