Okay, I just have to get this out of the way as I am so happy about it.

I just found a recording of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park with David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch! Oh my happiness!

School is nearly out.  Tomorrow begins the last week of kindergarten.  Keith is thrilled as that means he will get to stay in his pajamas nearly all day long.  I am happy that the baby's naps will no longer be interrupted and we will get to go back to having non stressful days.

Things here at Moon Hollow are so peaceful and wonderful.  I still can't believe this house is ours!  We are awakened each morning by birdsong and baby chatter as the light is lulling its way through the cracks in the blinds.  I am now happy to get  up since Beth has been sleeping all night long again.

I had gotten to the breaking point with the lack of sleep with Beth.  I was getting very sick because she wasn't sleeping, which meant I wasn't sleeping.  As a last resort, I sent out a plea on Facebook.  I needed help and didn't know where else to turn.  I received many wonderful suggestions from friends, and armed with that knowledge, I had my dad give Beth a blessing while Jeffrey was at work.  She has been sleeping since then.  Every night all night long.  I figured out her naps mostly.  We are both so much happier and able to cope with life, even though that tooth hasn't quite found its way out yet.

I am so excited for days filled with popsicles and ice cream, bare feet, muddy floors and dirty happy sun tanned faces.  Cool breezes, outside meal times, baby snuggles in a soft breeze and many walks through the Hollow or the trail near our house, or anywhere really.

Because that is what summer is all about and I fully intend to enjoy every blessed second if I can.  I miss my old self, and now that we are sleeping again, I am eager for that excitement for life to manifest itself again.

And hopefully, more time to write aka nap time!


Crystal Collier said…
Lady! I am so behind. I totally missed your move, and congrats! Now I have to go read back through. I had to take a break from the internet for a bit due to...uh...mental exhaustion. (Burn out.) I'm so glad you're getting sleep again and hope it will continue FOREVER. =)
Jenny said…
Oh, she is a beauty!

So much is going on with you!

Your post sounds so light and bright with change and little ones!

Sending you a big hug!
Susan Anderson said…
So glad you are finally getting some sleep! And I love the name of your place. "Moon Hollow."



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