Keep You on Your Toes

Last week at church, I received the calling to work in the Primary.  I am excited to be with my kids on Sundays.  Since we have Sacrament meeting last, I went into the primary to observe this week.  Faye could barely contain her excitement.  She spent the majority of the time turned around in her chair grinning at me, blowing kisses, and whispering loudly "I love you."

Obviously, this was a bit of a distraction for the other kids.  Particularly the ones right behind her.  The teacher for the next class back asked Faye to turn around, because she wasn't getting my hint of the revolving finger all mothers do to get a child to turn around.  Much to my embarrassment, this is the conversation that ensued.

Sister Hess: "Turn around, please, Faye."
Faye: "You aren't in charge of me.  Do you want to know who is?  That woman sitting over there!" as she pointed to ,me.  And yes, she really did say "that woman," because that is how my 4 year old talks, and it makes me laugh every time I hear it.

She is too big for her britches, I tell you what!

Yesterday she went over to a friend's house to play.  While there I got a text from the mom.  She had offered Faye some cut up apples to eat as a snack.  Faye responded with "I don't sit at other people's houses.  I'll just stand here."  And she did.  She stood next to the table and ate her apple slices while the other kids (there were 4 others) sat comfortably in chairs and ate theirs.

She is such a goose!

Beth, now, is turning into quite the ninja.

Yesterday she followed me into the bathroom.  Because I am a mom, and as such, gave up my rights to bathroom alone time 6 years ago.  I had just finished, was pulling up my pants when the little ninja baby was up, quick as a flash, reaching into the potty to dig out anything she could get her hands on!  I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell over.  Of course, I jumped into action, pulling her away and immediately washing her hands, because, gross!  But seriously, that girl is quick!  I hadn't had a chance to close the lid (thank you Oprah for teaching me to always close the lid) or flush yet.

Kids.  They sure keep you on your toes!


Susan Anderson said…

Never a dull moment over there!

Lisa said…
Heee hee hee! So funny!

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