Taming of the Screw

Adrienne is one of the coolest ladies I know.  She has three kids, and each of her kids is the same age and gender of mine, so it makes playing very easy for us.

She came by last week, and after we had visited for a few minutes, she asked if I had any projects that needed to be worked on.  I didn't have to think at all.  When we bought our refrigerator, the delivery truck broke down so they had to get another store to drive out to their truck, pick up their deliveries and deliver them.  On top of their own deliveries.  Which meant that they were incredibly late that day.  And I felt bad. We had 4 appliances we made them install.  It was after six o'clock.  Because of this, and the snow storm outside, and the grumpy customer who kept calling them while they were trying to install my other things, I told them to leave the refrigerator door opening the wrong way, and to leave the handles off, I could fix it later, they just needed to get the other guy taken care of so they could get home to their families.  It was getting late.

And so 4 months later, I still hadn't done it.  When Adrienne offered, I jumped at the chance, and together we tackled the refrigerator door.  

We laughed and joked and we fixed that door so it opened into the kitchen and not the hallway. 

We put handles on the door so that it was easier to open.  And we did it with babies crawling around our legs, trying to eat the tools or trip us up along the way.  And we did it anyway. 

It was absolutely exhilarating!  I felt like Rosy the Riveter, all empowered and strong.

Next time we play at Moon Hollow, there is a leaky faucet that needs fixing. And a coat rack to build for the kids in the hall closet.  I can't wait to find out what projects she has for us to play with when we go over to her house.

I can see us getting a lot done in these play dates of ours.  Both therapeutic for the conversation and the satisfaction of work.


Lisa said…
Wow! You're amazing!

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