Monday, April 7, 2014

Sleeping with a Sauna

I love cuddling with my kids.  But I draw the line when they try to sleep in my bed.  We have a small full sized bed.  With Jeffrey and me, there is barely enough room for us, let alone any kids.

But when they are sick, the sleeping arrangements change to accommodate them.

Keith got sick yesterday.  All day long he had been complaining about a headache.  He had said he didn't feel well.

Keith is a complainer so I don't always take his complainings seriously.  And then I feel bad when they turn out to be legit.

In between sessions of Conference, he fell asleep and slept through nearly all of the last session.

    ***Side note, it was such a thrill to hear my family history recounted from the pulpit of General Conference!  William R. Walker told a story I have heard since I was very little, the story of Robert Harris, who is my great something or other grandpa.  I love my family!

Back to Keith: When he finally woke up, my boy was very lethargic.  After getting sick on the floor and having to empty the bowl we gave him a few times, it was decided he would sleep in my bed with me as we greatly doubted he would make it to the bathroom in time and Jeffrey would sleep in his bed or on the futon downstairs. 

The boy was a furnace!  All night long he kept flinging his arms and legs, kicking me and whacking me in the face with his hot poker limbs, moaning and all the while trying to find a position where he would feel comfortable.

I secretly loved it. My blood tends to be on the cold side so having such warmth next to me all night felt lovely. Or would have had I not been worrying about him all night long. 

Happily, he feels better now, and has plans to sleep in his own bed tonight.


*Jess* said...

poor thing! I am so sorry he was sick! But that picture of him is precious!

Unknown said...

I hope he feels better soon. I know all about changing sleeping arrangements and it 'aint' easy. Hang in there.
Katy xx

Susan Anderson said...

Glad he's feeling better, poor guy. Cool about your ancestor in conference. I remember the story!