Really Beautiful

Today, driving home from picking Keith up at school, the conversation took a very interesting turn.  Death was brought up, but not in a creepy way.  Just, life after death, mostly.  Faye said that when you die, you get to start a new life.  We talked about how it isn't really a new life, but a continuation of your life, just better. With no pain, no temptation, and lots of work to glory God.  A wonderful better life.  Faye said something about she will be so sad when I die, and I told her that I will always be here for her.  Even if I die, she wont be able to see me, but I will be with her, and I will always take care of her because I am her mommy, and that is what mommys do and I love her and she will always be able to feel that love.  I reached my hand into the back seat and held hers while telling her this.

She sniffed her nose and said "Lets not talk about this anymore because it makes me sad and want to cry."

Keith piped up from the back seat, "That was beautiful, Mom,
 Really beautiful, I think I am going to cry, too."

I love that I have such a sweet sensitive son.

Tonight was my turn to tuck Keith into bed.  I went down and he was playing legos.  So I climbed into his bed.  Reverse psychology is alive and well in our household.  I snuggled down under those covers and told him I was glad he was playing legos, as I would get the bed all to myself.  I didn't want to share.  He would have to sleep on the floor with those hard and poky legos while I got the soft bed and warm covers.

Of course, he would have none of that.  He promptly dropped his legos and climbed into bed with me.

And we snuggled.  He pulled my arms around him tight, and then complained about me hugging him.  Because he is a big kid now, and mom's shouldn't hug big kids so tight, but he held my arms around him, not letting me move an inch.  His words were repeating the sentiment all six year old boys must profess, but his actions were singing the desire of his heart.  And that desire was to cuddle in to his mommy so tightly.  We talked, and giggled and I loved every second of it.  He is becoming such a kid.  Not a little boy, but a kid who is too busy and grown up for time with his mom.  As Keith talked about how he didn't want me in his bed (still clinging to my arms, forcing them to be wrapped around him.  He was laying on my hands so I couldn't move them), I whispered to him that when he got big, he would always remember this night.  He would look back on the time we shared and he will love every second of it.

And then, just because it was right next to my mouth, and I wanted to make sure he would never forget that moment, I licked his ear.  Seriously, who could forget a weird thing like that.  He giggled, wiped his ear off and protested loudly.  And then we began the lullabies.  He sang his lullabies with me and it  was wonderful, as always.  I just love that boy with his blond hair and his always inquiring mind and curious eyes.  I love his caring heart and his concern for others.  I love his desire to be healthy, and to always choose the right.  And his creativity.  Today I caught him playing with the Hungry Hungry Hippos.  But he wasn't playing the game. He had invented his own and played quiet happily for a good half hour the game he had invented, only stopping when I called him to lunch.

Having that boy is such a learning experience.  Such a treat.

Its beautiful.  Really beautiful.  I think I am going to cry.


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