Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fight for Date Night

I got really mad at Jeffrey on Friday.  I honestly can't remember why.  We have since made up, and so I forgot.  Because that is the way it works with me.  But I remember being very mad.  And so he and I talked and figured things out, and to hand me the olive branch, he suggested we watch a movie together that night. Any movie of my choice.

I was still feeling a little vindictive at that point, so I thought hard about what movie I would want to watch that he would hate.  I decided Twilight.  Because I still haven't seen it.  And really, I just want to make fun of it, and he is a lot of fun to mock movies with.  So secretly I knew he would hate it, but at the same time, he would love it because we would have a lot of fun with it.

Twilight was not at Red Box.

So I picked Austenland, because I love all things Jane Austen.
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Now, this is the very first chick flick we have ever watched together since being married.  And when we were dating, we once watched Pride and Prejudice once (the Kiera Knightly version).  We are not a chick flick kind of people at all.  I sometimes watch them when I am working and can't give my undivided attention to it, but to actually sit down and watch one with intent is something completely foreign to us.

Austenland did not disappoint.

Possibly because Jennifer Coolidge was in it.  We really like her, and she is hilarious!  She alone made the movie. (And JJ Field.  I have a secret crush on him.) I love that we were able to enjoy a chick flick together. A movie that I know under normal circumstances Jeffrey would never ever watch with me.  I am so happy it was a nice experience for both of us.  Even if it did come about because of a fight.

Maybe our movie repertoire can expand now.  Stranger things have happened.

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Lisa said...

Funny movie! Good choice!