The Leprechauns Did It

My children believe in leprechauns.

They believe that Leprechauns are real little men who if they catch one, will give them three wishes and a pot of gold.

My children do not believe in Santa Clause.

Which means March 17th ends up being a pretty big day for them.

I guess I am to blame.  It is the whole celebrating thing that I love to do that started this whole thing.  When Keith was about 2 I left green footprints around the house, and a small pot of treats in the back yard.  He had to find the pot.  It was a great tradition.  I still do it, and they eat it up every time.  One year he and Faye spent the night at my parents house with their cousins, and my parents really went above and beyond.  My kids still talk about it.  There was a scavenger hunt they went on with clues, there were footsteps, the breakfast food had turned green, and there was an actual chest with gold candy in it.  And since they were with their cousins, imaginations were wild, and they swore they saw one running away, and they heard him laughing as they were on their hunt.

My kids still believe that to be true to this day.

Today when Keith got home from school, all he could talk about were leprechauns.

It was decided that after Beth's nap we would go to the library and research the wee men.  We would find out their likes and dislikes.  We would find their favorite foods.  And with our knowledge and research we would build a Leprechaun Trap.  The kids are already thinking up their three wishes to ask when we catch him.

My goodness, I love the enthusiasm of my kids.

And so we went to the library and not surprisingly, because it is so close to the holiday, there weren't a lot of books on the subject.  We did manage to get three, but they were hard to come by.

We got back home, and the kids began working on their plans for their traps.  I read to them out of the books they checked out while they designed.  I actually learned a lot I didn't know.

We learned that leprechauns are actually fairies.  There are no female leprechauns, because those are just regular fairies.  Leprechauns are cobblers.  They make all the shoes for all the fairies and other creatures around.  Since fairies, leprechauns, and other creatures are all so fond of dancing, leprechauns have become the best cobblers ever. (Which is making me wonder if the elves in the story of the shoemaker were not actually leprechauns?) If you take your eyes off a leprechaun, he will turn invisible and you wont get your wishes.  Leprechauns invented the myth about the pot of gold because they actually have caves and caverns full to bursting with gold, and if we believe they only have a pot of gold, we will wish for that instead of all their gold.  Leprechauns love to travel the world over.  There was a sighting in Kentucky of a leprechaun in 2003.  Leprechauns are great pranksters, but oh so clever.  If you catch a leprechaun, you most likely will never be able to outwit him, and he will nearly always mess up your wishes, no matter how carefully you wish them.  When a pot boils over, it is a leprechaun playing a trick on you.  Same for when a baby falls, or food burns.  Or if things go missing, or are in a place you didn't put them, blame the leprechaun!

This study on Leprechauns we have been doing is actually quite interesting!  It has also made a very convenient scape goat around here.  Keith accidentally put his pants on backwards and blamed the leprechaun.  Faye's shoes were on the wrong feet, but it wasn't her fault, the leprechaun did it!

When the kids eventually got bored of designing their traps, Keith went downstairs to build with legos and Faye went outside to ride her scooter around the circle.  After a while, she came back in bearing buried treasure.  In her hands were some coins she had found while digging in the dirt.

Leprechaun's treasure!

She tried washing it off in the sink, but that wasn't working very well so we put it in a baby jar full of vinegar.  I wish I had some coke, but since I find the stuff disgusting, it will most likely never be found in our home.  But I have seen that it is incredible for cleaning dirty coins!  Maybe I will have to buy a can just for a science experiment.

I can't tell who is more excited for St. Patrick's Day, the kids, or the parents.  We have some grand schemes up our sleeves!


Xazmin said…
How fun! I never knew some of that stuff! I did know the part about them turning invisible if you take your eyes off them though!

We aren't big on St. Patrick's Day around here, but I think I might cry if my kids ever said they didn't believe in Santa!

Even my big kids know better than to say so out loud!

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