Sleep Training

Once upon a time I was a great parent. I was pregnant with Keith and had read all the books. My ideals were sky high, and everything was going to be June Cleaver perfect. 

And then Keith was born. 

He was a hard baby. But I worked with him. I did sleep training, and when he was older Love and Logic, and it helped a lot. 

When Faye was a baby, she was so easy!  I also did sleep training with her. But we moved a lot and it took her a long time in between moves to get used to a place and start sleeping through the night again. She is still like that. She won't go places in the house without someone with her. She is better about playing in her bedroom on her own now, though, but that is basically the only place she will go alone. Which makes bathroom time real fun, let me tell you. 

When I was pregnant with Beth, I thought about reading the sleep training book again, but it was in a box in storage. So I didn't. 

It is 5:30 am right now. 

I have been up since 4:00. 

I wish I had read it. 

Sleep training this time around has been hit and miss. With so little space when Beth was born, it was hard. And I was just so in love with her I didn't mind waking up and feeding her and cuddling her.

I never mind cuddling her. Time stops when I do. Unless it is the middle of the night. Like now. And I wish I had read the sleep training book again. 

This morning when she began crying, I got up with Beth and tried to not feed her. I was hoping she would just go back to sleep. After an hour of rocking her and singing to her, I grew so tired and cold, I decided to give in. I just wanted to go back to bed. So we did, and I fed her in bed. 

And then she wanted to play. 

I wanted to sleep. 

That is when I decided to try sleep training again. 

I wrapper her up tightly in her blankets, kissed her, and laid her down in her bed. 

we are currently doing the hardest part of sleep training. She is angrily crying from her room. "Mamamamama!" And I am writing about it to disuade myself from going in and picking her up and rocking her back to sleep. Because I know it is better for both of us to sleep through the night. So I struggle to just let her cry it out so she can learn to self soothe and fall asleep on her own, thereby being able to sleep through the night. 

She has been crying since 5:15. 

Every time I nearly break and go in she starts to settle down, but then starts up again. I know she will cry herself to sleep soon, if I don't do it first. I hate hearing my baby cry!

It only gets better from here, I have to keep reminding myself. 

Better late than never. 


Crystal Collier said…
Way to stick to your guns! It's such a struggle with each one. Random was especially difficult because we were living in NYC and you worry about not just yourself, but your neighbors. We tried sleep training with him, but after one night and three hours...well, we took the consequences instead. And it took two years for him to sleep through the night. Stick in there! You can do it!
*Jess* said…
don't get that book out of storage! Instead, go to your library and get a new book called, "The No Cry Sleep Solution". Its an excellent read :) Creating great sleeping habits without crying it out. Easier on both mom AND baby :)
Emmy said…
Oh girl that part is so hard, but yes so worth it in the end. Stay strong!
Gretel said…
It is very hard to hear your baby cry. Don't give up, your right it only gets better. Each child is different Jacob learn to soothe himself to sleep. Tried the same thing with Elena and didn't work, she actually didn't sleep thru the night till she stopped breastfeeding. Good luck, hopefully she sleeps thru the night soon.

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