Passion for Shorts

Oh my goodness, I cannot even begin to express the excitement rushing through our home right now.

It is officially Spring.

Faye, for the past two months, has been getting dressed in the morning in her summer clothes.  Shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals.  Every morning I tell her to put something more weather appropriate on because she spends the majority of her day outside, she stomps her little feet with all the passion of a cheated four year old, huffs her breath out and says with extreme annoyance in her voice "When is it going to be summer?!"

I laugh inside and then sympathize with her.  I, too, am anxious for summer.

Friday we spent the day at the zoo.

It was nice weather, and our pass ends at the end of the month.  

And Jeffrey is a sucker for the zoo.  He claims it is because he is fascinated by the biology of the animals, but I know it is because he just loves too see the kids excited, and... he likes the zoo.

Welcome Spring!

Today, the weather was a glorious 66.  I baked bread in the morning, and then in the afternoon while Beth slept we got down and dirty in the flower beds.  
The dirt, 
the splinters, 
the snails, 
the caterpillars 
and the worms.  
The shower of dirt that is inevitable when weeding with little kids,
the sweat 
and the sunburn.  

My first sunburn of the year.  I can't wait to do some planting.  Today would have been a good day to plant since tomorrow it is supposed to rain, but I haven't really purchased any seeds or plants yet.  I am focusing on cleaning out the flower beds first.  

So excited to have an herb garden!

However, I don't think anyone is more excited for Spring than Faye and her shorts.


Lisa said…
Emmy said…
I always loved those first warm days of spring, they were like heaven.

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