My Oldest Crush

hands sweating
heart racing
barely concealed shaking coursing through my veins
constricted breathing
giddy smile

these are just some of the emotions i was dealing with today.

it was like that time in middle school when i first realized i liked boys and the very boy i liked was talking to me.  it was like the first time the boy i liked called me.

that excitement.

the kind you can barely contain.

all because of the pictures i was looking at on the computer.

it made me laugh, the joy that a simple picture could bring.

because jeffrey said i could look for a piano. and so i began jubilantly looking through the classifieds.  at pianos.

as with most things, the older it is, the more character it has and the more i love it and want it.  and the more wary jeffrey becomes. like that amazing house we looked at which was huge and had a maze of bedrooms, each one different and unique from the other with the dutch doors and the twists and turns and the attic bedrooms.  it was incredible and i was madly in love with it but our realtor, my friend, refused to let me consider it because if you jumped in the upstairs the whole house swayed.  i called it character but he called it dangerous and should be condemned.  i like old things and all the old beautiful pianos that are for sale had me positively bouncing out of my seat with each new entry.  jeffrey was working on his computer but was very distracted from all my squealing behind him because there were so many beautiful pianos in our price range.  

my favorite are the big cabinet pianos.  
google image
the uprights with lots of cabinet space that stand so majestically judging the room.  i swoon over those ones.  the older the better.  i saw some from the 1800's with real ivory keys.  some that were completely hashed looking but the potential beneath the peeling paint or the scuffed wood shone brighter than the dings with the scroll sides and legs.  
google image
and the player pianos!  my grandma had one when i was a kid and it was always my favorite to play.  to be able to find one of those in good condition would be a like finding the golden ticket!  
google image
nearly all of them had a note saying they were in need of tuning. 

granted we don't have a lot of room for one.  the only place we could put it is also the only place where our couch fits in the living room.  but guess what.  a piano always wins.  if i could only have one piece of furniture, i would always choose a piano.  we can sit on the floor, no problem.  we can use folding chairs or arm chairs.  i don't care.  the piano wins. 

i can't wait to finally settle on one with jeffrey and get to bring it home and play it.  oh how i miss playing! when i was a kid and had to practice for an hour every day, i used to pretend i was in a concert hall preforming for thousands of people.  i can't wait to live that daydream again.

and i just know, when we do welcome a piano into our home, i will have that first crush feeling all over again. every time i walk past it, or dust it or polish it and especially when i get to run my fingers over the keys, coaxing out old forgotten melodies or working on my song, i just know i will get those butterflies in my stomach and know i am the luckiest girl in the world.

because a piano is magic, security and love all wrapped into that beautiful piece of music.


Familia Morales said…
Amen, amen, and amen! I hope you get your piano soon. I've had mine just over a week and I am SO in love!
Chantel said…
Check Ksl. My sister just found one like the top picture you posted. A piano shop sells their trade ins. It was like $200 and that included free delivery. I couldn't believe it.
Susan Anderson said…
So excited for you that you are getting a piano to play. Can't wait to see a pic of the one you settle on.


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