It Was Enough

 It began Thursday afternoon.

A little tickle in my throat.

By Thursday evening, my nose was running.

I groaned.  Thus far, I had been able to avoid illness this winter.  I had been able to do my job as a mom, taking care of everyone else in their sickness, and not contracting anything at all.  It was glorious.  I prayed often, thanking my Heavenly Father for the health I had been blessed with.

By Friday morning, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

Jeffrey regarded me, sniffling and coughing from the bed, while he was getting ready for work.  He considered his few sick days; five from now until September, and asked if I would be okay.

"I'm a mom," I responded, "it is in my job description.  I have to be."

"Mom's don't get sick days," he mused while trying to calm my crazy bed head.

A statement said all too often.  And yet this time, it meant so much more than ever before.  Simply him saying it was enough.  The fact that he recognized, sympathized the necessity and unfairness and overwhelming job I have somehow gave me the strength to be a super woman that day.

And by super woman, I mean I got out of bed and got dressed.  I picked Keith up from school, I fed the children, took care of Beth and otherwise read.  All day long I read when I could.  I didn't clean or cook or do anything other than what was essential.  I focused on healing myself.  That is what I told Jeffrey anyway.  Truth be told, I don't mind being sick as much as I should have.  I got to read a book with reasonably less guilt than I would have had otherwise.

Unfortunately, the baby is now sick.  She caught my cold.  Together she and I get to suffer through it.  As sick partners go, I am incredibly happy with mine.  Her cuteness and cuddly-ness is off the charts.


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