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Christmas in March.  That's what today is.  Complete with a lovely snow drizzle during dinner.  March Christmas dinner.  And everything is soft and peaceful and white outside.

You may call it Saint Patrick's Day, but around here, we call it Leprechaun Day.

It all started last night.  Jeffrey and the kids rigged a very simple box on a stick with a string sort of trap for the leprechaun.  The kids want so badly to catch one, so they decided they would even sleep in the living room next to the trap.  By the time we got them tucked in, I was far too tired to do any of the fun preparations and I just went to sleep as well.  Before coming to bed, Jeffrey tripped the trap and left a surprise for the kids.

In the middle of the night Beth woke up.  I got up to feed her and walked smack into the corner of the door. I usually leave it open, but Jeffrey didn't know that.  He had left it half open, so the edge was lined up perfectly with my face.  It hurt and I was sure I would have a lovely long bruise going down the middle of my face.  Luckily enough, that was not the case, though.

At 5:30 this morning, I heard shots of joy.  The kids had awakened and seen the tripped trap.  Keith got up and turned the light on, looked under the trap and saw a pair of leprechaun pants and a box of Lucky Charms.  The chocolate gold pieces they had used as bait had bite marks through them.  Through the foil and everything.  The pants were all tangled up in the string (I had begged a good friend of mine to make some for me.  I asked her on Thursday, I think, and she whipped them out as gorgeous as you please.  Thanks Leslie!).  

There was "gold dust" in the pockets.  It was amazing, they kept telling me over and over again.  I kept telling them to go back to sleep.  It wasn't light yet, I told them it was the middle of the night still, but they didn't care.  They were far too excited to sleep anymore.  They got up, Keith got ready for school, and they poured themselves a bowl of cereal.  They both talked non-stop about their leprechaun friend.

Not much more happened.  I felt bad that I hadn't been able to do all the fun things like I normally do because I couldn't find my paint.  It was somewhere in the one room we haven't put together yet.  My craft room.  And they were up before me, and I just couldn't stay up last night to do it all.  So, it was going to be just an okay day.

Except it was a great day!  Keith and Faye took the Leprechaun pants everywhere with them.  They told everyone they met about catching the leprechaun's pants.  After school and much thought, Keith turned to me and said "Mom, I think we should give the leprechaun his pants back.  I don't think it is right for us to be taking his pants.  Or his gold.  I think we should give it all back.  Do you think it is right?"

He is really good at laying on the guilt apparently.

I agreed with him, and when we got home from grocery shopping, he sat down and wrote a letter to the leprechaun.  

He was very concerned and felt guilty, I guess.  He obsessed over the pants the leprechaun was missing the rest of the day.

We had a lovely Leprechaun Feast as the kids called it.  
Corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots, bread, and root beer.  We played a drinking game during dinner for the first 5 minutes.  Anytime anyone said anything that had to do with Ireland, we had to take a drink. 

 After 5 minutes of non stop drinking, I put a stop on the game because we all wanted to eat our dinner, and the kids just wanted to play and make us drink.

And then, Jeffrey and the kids went to visit Jeffrey's father who has a birthday today.  Beth and I were going to go, but she was so tired, Jeffrey just wanted her to sleep, so I stayed home with her.  She slept for the first 10 minutes of them being gone, and then was awake for the next hour.  We played with the decorations, read stories and cuddled.  

It was beautiful time spent together.  I love it.  She will forget it, but I never will.

And then I finally got Beth back to sleep and had a great idea.  I found some glitter and made a trail from the back door throughout the house, everywhere a leprechaun would go.  I short sheeted the kids beds and left little treats under their blankets.  I put footsteps on the toilet, green water inside, and sprinkled some glitter next to the foot prints and in the water.  I then called the kids and told them that a leprechaun had broken into the house while I was putting Beth to sleep, and made a huge mess.  Keith's first question was to find out if the leprechaun had taken his pants back.  I told him he had indeed.  I have put them away to use for next year. When they heard about the mess, Keith and Faye were so excited to come home!

The first 20 minutes after they walked through the door were full of exclamations and shouts of laughter.  They followed the "gold dust" trail to Faye's room.  And then to Keith's room.  And then back to Faye's room where she found 1 piece of the candy under her blankets.  Back to Keith's to see if he had any.  He found all of it.  So Faye went back up to her room to find the rest of hers.  Finally I told them to brush their teeth and go to bed.

The shouts and laughter from the bathroom made everything worth it ten times over. 
 It was my pay for the trouble I went through.  The kids couldn't believe there was green water in the toilet.  

They were so shocked that the leprechaun had needed to use the facilities, and how rude that he didn't flush!  They laughed and commanded I take a picture.  They then reluctantly brushed their teeth.  And then we all went down to tuck Keith into bed.

He crawled in, talking a mile a minute.  He had seen a leprechaun's feet disappearing into his room, he just knew it.  There must be some sort of invisible door somewhere in his room.  He had to find it!  He couldn't wait to tell his friends all about the leprechaun that was living in our house.  I calmed him down, bent down to kiss him and told him to crawl under his covers and how nice it was that the leprechaun had made his bed for him.  Keith struggled for a minute, and then burst out laughing.  The leprechaun had played a trick on him.  He had made his bed wrong (short sheeted)!  For the next five minutes he tried and tried to figure out how to get under his covers.  It was so funny to watch!  In the end I helped him untuck his sheets and fix it so he could go to bed.  Which he did laughing.

And then the whole process was repeated with Faye as I tucked her in.

Short sheeting little kids beds is funny!

I told Faye we would have to vacuum the whole house tomorrow to get all the glitter up and she was scandalized.  She wanted to leave it for proof to show her friend tomorrow.  We will see.  She also went to bed with a huge smile on her face.

Christmas, friends.  Christmas for Jeffrey and me.  To hear so much excitement and laughter all night long like that is Christmas in March for us.  Never mind the funny looks people give me when they learn leprechauns are more real than Santa in this house.

I only wish it came around more than once a year.


*Jess* said…
that is awesome! :) Happy St. Patrick's day to you guys!
Lisa said…
You are such an awesome mom!!! And your kids actually sleep under their top sheet?? My kids would have crawled on top of them! Actually, as kids, my mom would take the flat sheet and another plain colored flat sheet and tie us a quilt instead of buying the whole bedding set. So, my kids are kind of in the same boat!
And those pictures of Beth are DARLING!!!

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