Eating My Elephant

Today I took a deep breath and began eating my elephant, so to speak. It all began because I decided to do laundry. In order to do laundry, I needed to fold and put away all the clean laundry that was lying in baskets in everyone's rooms. I decided to begin with Beth's. Her room was a disaster. You couldn't open the door without it running into things, forget walking into her room. Finding clothes for her daily had begun to be a real chore. And so this morning I braved her room, intending to only fold the clothes and move on. 

There is something here that needs to be understood. Beth has been sleeping in our room since she was born. Subsequently, when in a hurry, her room sort of became the "I am not sure where to put that yet, toss it into Beth's room and I will get to it later," room. 

I think it is also important to note here that I have a unique style of cleaning which makes sense to me but drives everyone else I know crazy. I clean one room at a time. If something does not belong in that room, I will conserve my energy and simply throw it out of the room. When I finish cleaning that room, I will move on to the mess I created in the hall. It makes more sense to me to do I that way. 

Well, it took me all day, but once I began, I couldn't stop myself. I cleaned that room up, moved the crib in there, and got it mostly baby ready. There are ball decals all over the walls I am going to have to remove, and hopefully one day soon I can paint it, but for now, baby has her own room, and we have ours back. Yay! Hopefully she will sleep better in there, and we can get some black out curtains soon because she is such a light sleeper, and we have noticed even light effects her sleep. 

Sadly I didn't take any befor or after pictures, but I did take one braggy picture I sent to Jeffrey while he was working. 

Maybe tomorrow I can get the laundry done...

... Or I may just help Faye deep clean her room. 


Lisa said…
Yay for progress!! It's so awesome to get things accomplished. (and PS- I clean like that too when I am doing bedrooms!)
*Jess* said…
oh my goodness, I clean the same way!! Consequently, my house is never all clean at the same time. But I always have one sparkly room! :) My husband thinks I'm crazy!
I used to have a system of cleaning. Every day one particular chore got done, and thus I always had a relatively clean house. That all went out the (dirty) window around the time baby number three turned one. (Sorry to say!)

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