Funny how becoming the mother of small humans makes you do things you never thought you would do before. I was just pondering some of the weird things I do now, and they made me laugh. I thought I would share. 

Sometimes I wash the same load of clothes three or four times because that is how long it takes me to get them into the dryer.

My record is six.  I set it today.

I would rather carry 100 lbs of groceries from the van at once rather than make two trips. 

I tend to find the laziest way possible to do things. Unless it is cleaning. I deep clean past the standards of most white glove inspections. I only have one mode of cleaning and it is always deep. Everything in my book is just straightening up.

Showering has become a luxury I have a hard time indulging in. I find it hard to justify taking half an hour out of my day to shower. I miss long unconcerned showers. *note: this does not mean that I don't shower, it just means I feel guilty for taking up time when I could be doing something else... or does it?

Along those lines, sort of, I have been incredibly blessed in the lack of bodily hair I have.  It must be my Scandinavian blood, as my brothers are relatively hairless.  I say this, not to bring scary thoughts to mind (sorry about that), but to illustrate this amazing blessing.  I haven't shaved my legs since October and I am still confident wearing skirts and shorts around as the leg hair is there, but only visible if you get up close and personal.  I have never had a problem with facial hair, as I know some women do, and for this, I count my lucky stars every day.  Thank you Scandinavian ancestors.  My brothers, on the other hand, don't thank you for their lack of facial hair.

When I cook, I always make enough for a small army. I struggle with only making enough for my family. I am okay with eating leftovers three nights in a row. My family doesn't like that so much, though. 


Lisa said…
You need to teach me how to cook and have leftovers! Maybe I need bigger pans... I almost never have enough leftovers for another night's dinner!
Emmy said…
So jealous of your leg hair, or lack there of! And yea I have rewashed laundry too-- though never six times ;)
Gretel said…
I too am jealous of the lack of leg hair : )

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