Butter's Up

I try to be frugal.  It doesn't always work, but I do try.  I also like the idea of being domesticated.  Meaning, I like to do things at home that will most likely save me money in the long run.  My mom was the same way. No, actually, she is the sensei and I am the little grasshopper still trying to learn from the master.

Case in point, I didn't know that you could buy stroganoff until I was 23 years old visiting a friend's bachelor pad.  I grew up on stroganoff.  I was making it when I was twelve, but really, who knew it came in a box?  I was shocked.  He cooked some for me and I was disgusted.  My mom's was so much better!  It was so easy and cheap to make it from scratch, why would anyone ever want to buy it boxed?  I still can't figure that out, but seeing he was a guy in college, I guess a bit of slack should be given there.

In my quest to be more frugal, Jeffrey and I purchased a grain mill, and my lovely Bosch mixer.  I try to bake our bread. It is so much cheaper than buying it, I know exactly what goes into it (6 ingredients!), and it tastes so much better. I sometimes get lazy and don't do it, but for the most part, I try to make bread once a week.

While grocery shopping a week or two ago, I realized we were nearly out of butter, so I wandered over to the section containing the butter and nearly fell over.  It was almost $5 a pound!  For butter!  Outrageous.  I refuse to buy butter for more than $2 a pound.  Trying to be frugal like my mother there.

And so, Saturday the kids and I drove out to our local dairy and bought some cream.  I wanted to buy a gallon of it, but apparently it is a hot commodity on Saturdays, so I could only get a pint.  I took it home, and I made butter.  When I had questions, I called my niece who has been making butter for some time now, and I have to say, I am surprised with how easy it is!  And so tasty.  And I know exactly what is in it.


Since the butter was such a huge success, I just had to make some bread that night to go with it, because honestly, fresh bread and butter?  That combination just sounded heavenly!

And so Saturday night met us with thick slabs of bread smeared with fresh butter.  Huge crummy smiles and very satisfied tummies.

It was such a success and I may never buy butter again.  We will see. I may get lazy again, too.

Little update on Beth, just because she is blowing me away with how quickly she is growing:
She is now rolling from back to tummy (took her long enough on that one).  A day after she mastered that she began moving herself from laying down into sitting position.  
A day after that she began pulling herself up onto things.  She now tries to walk using the furniture as a guide. Or fingers.  She loves to walk while holding fingers.  She is also making more word noises, and is stopping people when we go out.  Always someone comments on her smile or the depth and beauty of her eyes.  That girl of mine does have show stopping eyes, it is true!  I certainly hope they stay that gorgeous blue.  I just had to record this before she does anything else and I forget.  All those little milestones happened between the last week of her being 6 months, and the first week of her being 7 months.  Oh, and Friday I found 2 teeth that are about to break through.  She is such a happy baby, I didn't even know she was teething.  She has a cold, but I figured she just caught mine as I have had a cold for 2 weeks now.  Such a happy good baby she is!
That smile!  


Emmy said…
Okay if there ever is a time where we lose all power and modern technology I am coming to your house as look at you go! Making your own butter.
Xazmin said…
I read this the other night but was too lazy to try commenting from my phone.

I totally want to make my own butter! It is on my "to try" list for this month.

I have a goal to try a new recipe/DIY/project one time each week!
Gretel said…
Fresh butter sounds delicious. I think i will try to make it after I finish unpacking

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