Viking Dinner

I got hit at the grocery store by a small child, and as it turns out, it was probably one of the best things to happen to me.

It all began a week or two ago.  I was at my friendly local grocery store.  I had just purchased our weeks worth of groceries, I was loading the bags into the trunk of my car when suddenly, a little hand hit me.  I knew both of my big kids were in the van, and Beth was in the cart, it startled me.  A little girl who looked to be around 4 with big brown eyes and pig tailed brown hair was standing next to me, still hitting me and asking me something.  I couldn't quite understand her, and when my heart quieted down, because it truly had startled me, I focused on what she was saying.  She was asking me for my cart.  I could see her mother and brother coming up behind her, and so I said of course, and tried to hurry and unload the rest of my groceries.

I had the cool cart, you see.  The kind with the two seater car in front for the big kids to play in, and a basket for the baby to ride in so Mom doesn't have to worry about her kids sneaking things into the basket as they are all contained.  It is a wonderful design, and we don't shop at stores that don't have some sort of accommodation like that.

When her mom caught up with her, I was surprised to find I knew her.  But I couldn't quite place it.  Being blunt like I am, I merely stated that I knew her.  She agreed that she knew me, but we couldn't quite place it. And then she figured it out.  We had lived in the same neighborhood when Jeffrey and I first got married. We had been in the same ward.

And so we continued to chat.  We chatted probably for a good half hour while my kids complained from inside the van and her kids played around the cart return.  We set up a play date, and then went about our ways.

Last Friday Adrienne, my blast from the past friend came over with her kids.  Her son who is 6, her daughter who is 4, and her baby who is 10 months old.  The same ages as my kids.  She and I chatted and visited for a couple of hours and realized what kindred spirits we are.  It was wonderful.  She is a literary nerd, a bit of a music nerd, and a sci-fi nerd as well.  We had so much fun talking and laughing and getting caught up.  It was absolutely wonderful!  I was so glad her daughter had hit me.  I am so glad I was blunt.  The stars were aligning and everything worked out so that she and I could meet for real this time.  We had both been too newly mothers to really get to know each other when we had crossed paths 6 years ago.

In the course of our conversation, she told me about a time when they had a Viking Dinner.  I told Jeffrey about it, and he decided we were going to do it.

And so tonight, we did.  We had a dinner where there were no manners.  There was no cutlery and we ate with our hands.

We talked a lot about pillaging and plundering.  We talked like pirates, because we are lousy with accents.  Jeffrey is the only one who could really pull off the accent.

But it makes sense because his grandfather was a full blown Norwegian, so Jeffrey had been around the accent before.  We talked with our mouths full of food. We put our elbows on the table.  We burped.  Keith proudly announced he had farted.

Midway through the meal, Faye tried to copy her brother by putting her feet up on the table.

Her chair tipped over and she got slightly bruised.  She sobbed that she never wants to have a meal without manners again.  It is too painful!  Jeffrey and I exchanged laughing smiles as I comforted her, and we decided that Friday we would have an Etiquette dinner in contrast. I am excited for our

I tell you what, themed meals may be one of my favorite things ever!

As far as being hit by a small child in the grocery store parking lot, I think this worked out better than I could ever have imagined!


Lisa said…
What an awesome story! Glad you found such an awesome friend! And a Viking dinner-that's awesome. I'm thinking of doing a fancy family dinner for Valentine's day. :)
How awesome! I wish something like that would happen to me! LOL....

I think my kids would love that viking dinner idea, they are always trying to put their feet on the table. Haha.

What an awesome experience for you.
Emmy said…
Oh my kids would love a Viking meal! How fun would that be, minus the falling out of chairs,.. though Alex does that on a regular basis anyway.

So awesome you met up with an old friend like that, sounds like a perfect match
Chantel said…
I miss that neighborhood. A lot of good people there!
Familia Morales said…
I think Viking Dinners could also be defined as "the way the Morales children eat." Haha! Looks like fun. I especially love the feet up on the table.
*Jess* said…
that is awesome! (well, except the chair tipping part!) Glad you ran into an old friend!

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