Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Box it up and Save it

I must say, the quiet hours of the afternoon are among my favorite.

Today especially.

My doors and windows are open, inviting, welcoming the warm sunshine and fresh breeze to mingle with the stuffy closeness of winter.  To ease into the corners and dust the cobwebs not only of my house, but of my spirit.  It is pure loveliness.

I have been searching for a name for my house.  I am very picky when it comes to names.  But something I have noticed about this lovely spot of land, it not only houses my family, but many families of birds.  And that makes me happy.  I was just outside, reading, and had to stop to listen to the conversations of the birds. The gossipy chatter going back and forth in my bushes, trees, and on my roof.  It is so homey and nostalgic as it seems with so much development going on, it is hard to find some good bird-song anymore.

Things have been quiet around here lately.  The big news is I finally got a dishwasher.  We are still reveling in the newness of it, and it sure makes keeping my kitchen clean a lot easier and happier.  It is really the first time I have had one (excluding when we lived with my inlaws), and I have to say, this industrial revolution thing is quite wonderful.  I was ecstatic to get my dishwasher.
 My kids were over the moon to get a big box to play in.  It is well loved.  I think for the next birthday, we may just give boxes because it seems to be the toy of desire.

Beth is now crawling, and as of today, she can move from laying on her tummy into a sitting position.  It is very adorable.  She is also saying Mamama, which just melts my heart.

She has recently become so aware of and interested in the world around her, we can barely keep her still.  She crawls after me when I leave a room and is full of giggles and life.  It makes me giddy to see her discovering her world.

Faye is all over the place.  She is completely enamored with her new pink room and just can't seem to keep it clean.  But she is little Miss Friendly.
She stands on our back deck and yells for her friend who is our backyard neighbor until she comes out. And then they play happily in their own yards through the fence, or the neighbor and I will lift one of the girls over the fence so they can play together.  We have talked about getting a pool ladder to just put over the fence so they can climb on their own.

Keith is loving school and playing with his friends.
He was just as happy as I was to discover my cousin in our neighborhood as she has a boy Keith's age. There are more kids in this neighborhood my kids' ages than anywhere else we have lived.  All of us are loving that up right now.  And come Summer, I am sure we will be even more glad for it.

Suffice it to say, this is a gloriously golden afternoon.  I wish I could box it up and save it forever.  But the good thing is, I know there will be many more on their way.  Which makes me just as happy.


Emmy said...

Yea! So happy things are so good right now. Dishwashers really are so heavenly! I am afraid to think what my kitchen would be like if we didn't have one.

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

I hope you have a set of doves living near you. Their calls soothe my soul.