Monday, January 20, 2014

Wintry Walks and Pajama Day

Yesterday I stood at the sink, washing dishes, the warm water over my hands and the warm air blowing on my feet from the heater somehow made the outside look so inviting.  Maybe it was the contrast of warm to cold, but something about the biting cold called to me.

I am not a cold loving person, mind you, but yesterday, there was a strange magnetic pull.  I bundled Beth up in her snow suit and put her in my wrap.

I got Faye ready, and we took her scooter and went for a walk.

And it was simply lovely.

The chatter from Faye, the coos from Beth, the magnified clarity the cold air seems to provide and the lacy bare tree branches against the baby blue sky all made for a walk that I would have been sorry to have missed.  It is all about seizing the moment, I guess.

I have to admit, there is something about a winter walk that is so romantic.  I think I read too many Victorian era novels, but there you have it.  If only I had a cloak and a muff I could complete the picture I carry around in my head when I go on those cold walks.

Today was a day Jeffrey and Keith have been petitioning for ever since... well, ever since Keith could talk and since Jeffrey and I got married.  A pajama day.  A day where we don't leave the house, and everyone stays in pajamas and we are just lazy with books and movies and popcorn.  Last week Jeffrey and Keith planned for today to be void of all outside responsibilities and a day of comfort.

The irony of the matter is Beth and I are the only ones to have stayed in pajamas all day long.  It was a complete accident, I assure you, but it makes me laugh looking back at it now.  Especially since I hate staying in my pajamas during the day, and it drives me crazy to see the kids not dressed.  It makes me feel lazy and unproductive.

See, last week was a horrible week for sleep for Beth and me.  I finally figured out what the problem was on Saturday (she was too cold and that is what had been waking her.  She has since been sleeping through the night again.  Yay!) and so I have been catching up on sleep since then.

And don't let anyone tell you that it isn't possible to catch up on sleep, because this weekend I proved it.

Jeffrey let me sleep in this morning and he got up with Beth and made breakfast for the kids.  I woke up around 9 when Beth needed to be fed again.  Around noon, Jeffrey and the kids went to his parent's house to gather the last of our belongings, thus completing our move, and Beth and I stayed home.  She got tired, as they were leaving, I put her down, and wouldn't you know it, I did too.  I laid down, intending it to only be a few minutes, and three hours later, Jeffrey arrived at the house with his parents.  I had to feed Beth again, so they left shortly after.

I was shocked with how much I slept and am so glad it was a holiday so Jeffrey could be here to let me get that sleep I so desperately needed!

And so, that is how I ended up in pajamas all day, and Jeffrey and the kids had to get dressed.  True story.

Beth is now trying to eat solids, as I mentioned earlier.  She commandeered  the spoon during dinner.  It made me laugh and I gave in, watching her try to gnaw the rubber off the metal part of the spoon.

She is loving the variety now.  Even though it is just rice cereal and milk.

It's the little things, readers,

because life is too short not to smile!


Emmy said...

I definitely get a ton more done if I get dressed, as otherwise if I have something I need to do but requires going out I just won't do it; but at the same time i LOVE pajama day :)

Susan Anderson said...

Great photos and absolutely beautiful! (And after just leaving a comment about getting some sleep for yourself, I now see that Jeffrey was way ahead of me on that one…)

What a good guy!


Lisa said...

Love it! I want a pajama day! And I'm so happy you figured out why Beth wasn't sleeping! Hooray for miracles!