Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Secret Life of Beth

Back to civilization.  We finally have the internet again.  I never realized just how much I would miss it.  But I did.

We are getting settled.  The living room, kitchen, and main bathroom are all unpacked and settled.  As are the bedrooms.  Well, unpacked, just not settled.  We are working on that bit.

I keep thinking this is too good to be true.  That this house cant really possibly be ours.  We have lived so long from the goodness of friends and family, to finally be in our own place again just doesn't seem real.  Our Realtor dropped something off a few days after we had begun to move in.  I was irrationally afraid to open the door because I thought he might tell us something went wrong and we would have to move out, the house couldn't really be ours.

But thus far, it appears to be ours and such an incredible blessing!

Beth has begun to crawl backward.

I know this because she doesn't stay put when i set her down on the floor.

I have never seen her do it, she is very stealthy in her movements.  I lay her on her tummy on the floor, look away, and moments later when i look back, she has receded three whole feet.

She is applying to the North America Ninja Academy next month.

She has also begun to eat "solid" foods. Or rather, spray me with it at every attempted feeding. Knowing she is now 5 months old means it is time to move her on to the next stage of food.  At least that is what the doctor calls it.  He insists we try feeding her food other than milk.  And so, each day I lovingly lay her back in my arms, thinking that I will let gravity do some of the hard work for me.  Or her.  Whichever.  I am not picky.

I lay her back, her head cradled in the crook of my arm, thus preventing much head turning.  I then spoon a bit of rice cereal into her mouth, and she appears to swallow it.  Elated with the supposed success, I try another spoonful.  She again appears to swallow all of that.  I smile at her, and she stealthily smiles back, and as I reach for another spoonful, she spits all of the food that she has secreted in her cheeks, her chipmunk arsenal, all over me , and then giggles so her whole body shakes with the joke she just played on me.  I look at her, and her eyes mockingly say "Please, sir, can I have some more?"


Lisa said...

Hahaha! What a hilariously sweet little girl! I love this post!

Emmy said...

They sure can be sneaky, too funny. She will be everywhere before you know it