Friday, January 17, 2014

My Town

I love my new city.  It has such a wonderful small town, people care about people sort of vibe.  Strangers are nice.  They stop what they are doing to start conversations with us.  This is very offputting for Jeffrey, but I love it!  He just doesn't like to  talk to strangers and feels it is very odd.  He listened to the whole Stranger Danger talk, I guess.  Me, not so much.  I love meeting new people and making new friends, and even if I will never see that person again, I still like being friendly and engaging them in conversation.

Which is why my new town is so great!

I noticed it first at church.  Usually when we go to a new ward (congregation), we sit in the back, observing, slowly easing into the ward by gradually getting to know people.

Luckily, we had a big jump off by already knowing a few people in the ward.  One of Jeffrey's close friends from 15 years ago, a guy who was in choir with us in High School, a girl who grew up across the street from Jeffrey, and my cousin are all in the ward.  Crazy, right?!

We got to church and we were swarmed it seemed.  So many people came up, introduced themselves, asked where we lived, told us where they were in relation to us, introduced their kids who were our kids ages, etc.  When church was over, it took us a good 15 minutes to leave because there were so many people wanting to talk with us.  It was awesome!

A few weeks ago I was grocery shopping and was standing in the checkout line.  A lady with a full cart was standing behind me.  An elderly lady joined the qeue with a pinapple, and two other things.  The lady behind me immediately stepped out of line and let the older woman go in front of her.  I was so impressed by that act of kindness!  I told her how impressed I was.  I paid for my groceries and was pushing my groceries out of the store when Faye showed me a box of yogurt she had been hanging on to.  I told her to give it to the cashier as we couldn't get it that time around, we were late as it was to get Keith.  Apparently the lady with the cart full of groceries heard me telling that to Faye, and she paid for the yogurt for us.  I hope that woman has received tons of blessings because she is just wonderful!

Last week it was snowing.  I had just gotten all the groceries in the car and all my kids in the car.  I had parked a ways away from the cart return, so I made sure the kids were buckled and I turned on the van so they would be warm, and then I turned around to return the cart.  A woman walking past saw me juggling the kids and took my cart for me.  She didn't say anything, just saw a need and fulfilled it.

I think it is my sweet little town that is this awesome, but really, it might just be the grocery store.

Today, however, I was trying to get the basement put together.  I had a lot going on in the morning, so wasn't able to get started until around 2:30.  When I was ready to begin, Beth decided it was time to sleep, so I was rocking her, trying to get her to sleep.  I heard a knock at the door.  Which surprised me as our doorbell doesn't work, so most people assume we are not home and just go away.  I need to fix that, or put up a sign or something.  Curious and carrying a nearly sleeping baby, I opened the door to see my front step littered with children.  There were 5 kids there.  A short blond boy in the front was the spokesperson for the ragtag group on my stoop.

"Hi." he said.  And then waited.

I smiled, and said hi back.

"We live over there." he said simply, pointing to a house around the corner.

"Oh, it's nice to meet you," I said, still trying to figure out what these children were doing.

There was another awkward pause, and then the boy told me all their ages.  He is six.  I told them I have a six year old son as well, and they all grinned.  So I invited them in, went downstairs and told Keith and Faye their friends were there and to come to the door.

Which began an afternoon of running around, playing with neighbor kids, and making me love this area so much more.  The way the kids were playing on the streets reminded me of when I was a kid and things were so much less scary and more safe than they are now.  How we would all just wander the neighborhood, playing with anyone who could come out.

I am fairly certain I mentioned we had been house hunting for two years.  Everything we tried before fell through.  I have to say, I am glad it all fell through so that I could live here in this wonderful neighborhood, in such a friendly town.  I love my new house/area!


Susan Anderson said...

It makes me happy to think of you in such a welcoming area.


Emmy said...

Yea!! This makes me so so happy to hear! So nice that kids do run around and play together like that, as yes that is totally how it was when I was a kid but now so not that way, at least where we live.