Let me tell you a bit about Mimi.

She is Jeffrey's aunt and the sweetest soul ever.  She lives with Jeffrey's mom because their parents have passed away, and she has down syndrome.

And for the record, let me just say it here and now, Jeffrey's mother is an absolute angel.  She has the patience of Job.  Mimi has been living with them for a few years now.  Ten, I think.  Mimi used to go to work with her sister, but recently has been having a bit harder of a time.

She is 59, after all.

That may not seem like much to you, but a 59 year old down syndrome person is like an 85 year old regular person.

Because of this, Mimi comes over and plays with us while my mother in law is at work.

She makes me laugh so much, and it is absolutely wonderful having her here.  She is now about the same level of Keith in some things, and Faye in others, so she fits right in here.  But let's be honest here, in some things, in things of the Spirit, she is far ahead of me.  

She is slower with walking now, and sometimes trips or struggles to walk.  Which is why she is here.  Because of this, though, I basically did not sleep last night.

On Monday Jeffrey had filled the living room with boxes again.  He had also made breakfast for the kids, thus making a mess of the kitchen.  I am not complaining, keep in mind.  I am so glad he made breakfast for the children.  It just was a royal mess, and on top of that, there were all the boxes.

And so, yesterday I spent the majority of the day trying to clean the kitchen, making dinner, trying to clean the kitchen, doing bedtime, trying to clean the kitchen... you see where this is going.  

When I finally got the kitchen cleaned up (it felt so good.  I love having a clean kitchen!), I had to start on the living room which was full of boxes because we didn't want to run the risk of letting Mimi trip on anything and get hurt.  Because of that, I was up until 3.  I hadn't finished.  I decided the rest of the unpacking could wait until I moved a little faster than a zombie as I was just too darn tired.  And then Beth woke up at 4, and was up until 5.  When she is tired she eats very slow.  And then I just shivered all night long.  The funny thing is I had set the heat for 5* higher than it was supposed to be, which made it only 65* at night instead of the usual 60*.  But I couldn't get my feet warm, and so I couldn't get warm.  I shivered all night long, falling asleep probably around 6.  It felt like I had been asleep only 5 minutes when Beth woke up for the day at 6:30.

I think this year may be The Year of No Sleep.

I think my teenage instincts are kicking in, though, because I am doing surprisingly well.  

I am tired, it is true, but I am getting things done, I am not snapping at the children... much, and I don't feel like I will fall over.  The secret is to just keep moving.  If I sit down, even for a moment, I know I will keel over.  

I have to admit, though, I am getting a little discouraged.  There is still so much to do.  Faye has decided she likes everything on her floor, Beth's room hasn't even begun to be put together as she still sleeps in our room.  Anyway, before we move her into it, we would like to paint it.  It is a deep blue with giant painted sports balls all over the walls and a quote about being a daddy.  I think it was a boys room before.  But that isn't what is overwhelming me.  It is the inability to see hers or Faye's floors, the boxes of bathroom stuff in our room because I haven't had a chance to clean out the vanity or cupboards in my bathroom.  The boxes and boxes of stuff that I get to find a home for.  It just seems as soon as I get it done, the living room magically fills up again, and I have to start all over.  The good news is this last batch should be the last of it.  I shouldn't have to worry about getting it all cleaned up only to have it fill up again.  This is the problem with moving slowly, a little at a time.  It seems to go on forever.

But in all honesty, this discouragement is most likely stemmed from my lack of sleep.  I am sure tomorrow when I wake up I will feel refreshed and ready to tackle the mountain of things to do, one task at a time.  Because that is how you eat an elephant.  One bite at a time.  In the meantime, to avoid my discouragement, I will tackle some of my more fun things to do.  I have a few Christmas gifts that still need to be made.  I know I am a month short, but better late than never, right?

Because despite it all, crafting makes me smile, and life is too short not to smile. 


Lisa said…
I love this post! It shows the life of a tired Mom so well! i don't want to complain, but I'm to tired to function. Let me tell you about one thing, but while I'm thinking about it-here's something else. :) you're my hero!
Susan Anderson said…
I have a feeling even one good night's sleep would make all the difference. Maybe you should go spend a night with a friend! That's what I used to do when I needed it. (Thankfully my hubby was up for that when he didn't have to work the next day, so I usually did it on a Friday night.) It wasn't more than once or twice a year, but it sure brightened my outlook!

Emmy said…
Unpacking and setting up a new house is really a ton of work! There is always that one room at the end that is left with boxes that I just never want to get to. Mimi sounds like an amazing lady
I miss reading your posts! And boy does your blog look different!! It's cute!

Mimi looks like an absolute angel! How cute. Very special spirits.

I am probably going to have to move soon. Do you mind me asking if you got storage for when you moved in with your in-laws, I think it was??? I might need to look into that. I'm afraid we have too much stuff though. I'd rather not store it but that might be our only option.

Anyways it's good to catch up with you and I Hope you enjoyed your holidays! Happy New Year! Can you believe it's February already?!

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