Just Another Day

Last night was another sleepless night.  The baby apparently has hostility towards me sleeping.  She is so cute at 2 in the morning.  She doesn't cry, unless I put her in her crib.  Instead, she giggles and laughs and just wants to play.  And she cuddles.  The cuddling is my favorite.

This morning, while she was asleep, I decided to rearrange my room, try to put it back to how it was before we moved.  I had the crib right next to the bed so I could reach through the bars and readjust her binki before she woke up all the way.  With it all the way across the room, I didn't stand a chance. 

This is my theory, anyway.  I am hoping to be able to sleep through the night again with her crib next to my bed.
An added bonus to all that rearranging, I finally got my room unpacked and put together!  Well, minus pictures on the walls.  I will get that done eventually.

It was basically a cleaning day today.  I have been trying to get things unpacked and put away since we moved in.  I guess I am a little slow with the unpacking, but what can you do?  My goal is to get it done this weekend, though.  It will be so nice to not have piles of boxes all over the place!

I did make a new plastic bag dispenser.  

I learned it from my sister in law and quite honestly, I think it is rather genius.  

While I was cleaning the kitchen, Keith decided to do school time with Faye.  

I love those fridge magnets!

And to finish off this wonderful day, Beth has been giving kisses like crazy.  It makes me happy.  

She has the most infectious smile.


Lisa said…
Hopefully you got sleep last night! :) Beth it's a doll!
*Jess* said…
my almost 2 year old has "insomnia" sometimes and will play next to me in bed, too. I hope yours is a short lived phase!
Susan Anderson said…
Hope you get some sleep soon! She's a cute little alarm clock.

I used to fall asleep in child's pose on my little boys room after yet another nighttime feeding and putting him down. I'd hide down there until u was sure he was asleep. But usually ended up falling asleep that way myself. Before he did. Those days are done. :( sniff.
Emmy said…
Awe baby kisses and cuddles sound like heaven. That bag dispenser is great!

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