Tuesday Night Rantings.

I have decided this house we are trying to buy is going to be our forever house.  I will die in this house.  Not because I love it.  I do love it, don't get me wrong, I just never want to buy another house again!  This has probably been the most chaotic and stressful thing I have done all year.  This tops pregnancy!  And I am the biggest pregnant complainer you will ever meet.  I don't do pregnancy very well.  I especially don't jump through hoops of house buying very well.

Today there were no less than five times I thought we had lost the house.

I am emotionally exhausted.  Physically, too, but mostly emotionally.

To make a long story short, the owner of the house is not a motivated seller.  He removed a lot of essential things from the house.  Like faucets and light fixtures.  He was refusing to sign the papers to relinquish the house over to us until we had signed a document saying he could come and pick up a shed sometime in February, but he didn't want to sign anything saying if he damaged the property he would pay for it.  He didn't show up for his closing and they actually had to push the time back three hours in order to get him to come.  They had to drive nearly an hour away for him to sign because he didn't want to come up here, where the house is...

That is just the tip of the ice berg.

I have decided I will stop getting my hopes up until the keys are in my hands and the house is officially mine.

That said, I am tired and will possibly take pictures tomorrow as I clean out the house so we can move in.


We may get to have Christmas there after all!


Emmy said…
How absolutely awful!! Was it it a short sale? Guy sounds like a jerk.
Susan Anderson said…
It's awful when you have a seller that's hard to deal with.

And just when I thought it was a done deal!


PS. I'm sure all will go ahead, though maybe not smoothly!!
What the???? This is crazy! I thought it was a done deal :( <3 Hang in there!
What the???? This is crazy! I thought it was a done deal :( <3 Hang in there!
Lisa said…
Dummy. Glad that's over! :)
Lisa said…
And by dummy - I meant the seller!!! Don't take that wrong!

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