The Great RE2013!

Dear me, I am so late getting my post for the Review Extravaganza posted.  But there is no time like the present, so before this day gets away from me, let me remind you, that you have until Wednesday to get yours posted and linked up.  Each week you enter, you will be qualified for wonderful amazing prizes!

This past year has had many ups and down for me.  I have to be honest, it was a rather hard year.  Much better than that year we no longer speak of (2012.  *shudder*), but still a rought year.

When it began, I had high expectations.  I wanted to celebrate every little holiday.  Like "wear pajamas day" or "national potted plant day."  Especially the crazy ones like "national Tom Thumb day," but I honestly only celebrated about a week and a half of them before I forgot about it.  We were all sick a lot at the beginning of the year.  Nasty bug that was going around.  The flu did abound.  To help the kids get over theirs, I invented a drinking game, to encourage hydration.
That was a lot of fun.  In January, Jeffrey and I had our 6th anniversary, which was wonderful.
I was reminded how much I love that man and what a wonderful father he is.  Who else would buy nerf guns on a whim and ambush me when I got home from running errands?  Or go to the DI to get books for the kids, wrap them, hide them, and then make the kids find them, using a treasure map he had made.
Absolutely wonderful.  Our friend had a birthday in January, and I got to exercise my cake decorating skills.
 That really is a cake, even though it looks disgusting.  Our friend was less than impressed, but we thought it was hilarious!  Later that month, I went further East than I have ever gone before.  Kansas to visit my brother!  It was a rough vacation.  I mean, eating out, mani-pedis, late night movies with my brothers, birthday parties, baptisms!
Can't wait to go visit him again.  But the icing for the month of January was absolutely the day I saw many miracles unfold which manifested the love of our Father in Heaven.  It was beautiful.  I love days full of miracles like that.

February was an interesting month, to say the least.  Of course there was the obligatory Lover's Day Celebration, complete with "romantic outfits" and decorations.
Apparently, I was bit by the crafting bug.  I made a stuffed animal, two wreaths, and some bathroom scrubs.

It sure made me feel great to do all that crafting.  I realized I need to do it more often.
It was exciting to see a drug deal going down, but a little scary at the same time.
February is also the month I revealed I was dealing with depression.

March things began to warm up, which dramatically helped my mood and depression, and I felt life could be happy again.
Keith and Faye went through a phase where Faye was Keith's "little brother."  She dressed in his old clothes and insisted we call her "Dude."  The weather began to warm up and that always makes me happy.  To celebrate, the children and I spent a lot of time outside, eating fresh fruit for lunches,

and absolutely enjoying every second of Springtime sunshine.
We also spent a little time out visiting the Island.

Anytime we go there, I always wax nostalgic as the scents, sounds and sights all remind me of my childhood. I enjoy sharing those memory creating experiences with my family.
And finally, we had a wonderful day outside, the kids playing in their wiggly, jiggly, giggly fortress.
It was a day full of laughter, giggling, and rekindling a wonderful comradeship with the sun.

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Emmy said…
So awesome you got to take that trip, mom's need to be abel to get away every once in a while. Love that Jeffery made the treasure hunt for the kids! How fun is that! It almost looks like Keith is punching his sister in that last picture.

Thanks so much for hosting with us this year
I am often bit by the crafting bug-- it goes in and out. Erik and I have been married 6 years too! congrats on celebrating your anniversary!! Great to meet you and host with you!! xoxo
Nicole said…
I love that you wanted to celebrate all the little holidays. Sooooo cute and fun even though it was short lived! Such a great start to your year!
Barbara said…
Sorry you were sick at the beginning of the year. we couldn't escape it this year either. yuck. How cool that you go to to go and visit your brother. That sounds like a fun trip.
Lisa said…
You're amazing. :) Thanks for being part of this or I never would have gotten into it! You rock!
Shell said…
That cake does look gross, though I've heard they are delicious!

I get bitten by the crafting bug every once in a while, but none of my crafts are fit for display!
Em said…
hahaha i made kitty litter for halloween when brennan was a baby. i haven't made it since then and it's making me remember how funny it was to see everyone's face. i just remember it was sooooo good but no one would really try it b/c it looked so gross!

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